Friday, February 1

ByKevin Sheekey

Bloomberg Builds an All-Star Political Team – And He Might Not Even Run (Washington Post)
Michael R. Bloomberg is assembling one of the most skilled and experienced campaign teams in Democratic presidential politics. And he might not even run.

The spate of high-profile hires and the establishment of a sweeping, data-heavy political operation underscore Bloomberg’s determination to shape the 2020 campaign, whether he decides to be a candidate or spends millions as an advocate and influencer, following a 2018 cycle in which he and his allied groups spent more than $110 million. Joining his inner circle as a strategist is Mitch Stewart, who directed Obama’s triumphant Iowa caucus campaign in 2008. Brynne Craig, who has signed on as an adviser on political strategy, served on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign and has connections with many party and constituency groups.

More 2020: Trump Enters 2020 Election Cycle with Massive Fundraising Lead over Democrats (Washington Post)

Charts of the Day: President Trump’s First Two Years, in 13 Metrics (Bloomberg Opinion)
From approval ratings to the trade deficit, these charts use data to judge his progress as president.

U.S. Payrolls Rise 304,000 as Wage Gains Cool Amid Shutdown (Bloomberg)
Government furloughs help push up unemployment rate to 4%.

China and U.S. Upbeat on Progress after Washington Trade Talks (South China Morning Post)

U.S. House Armed Services Committee Chairman Rips Pentagon Over Lack of Transparency about Border Mission (Washington Post)

Uber Raises Prices in New York City, Citing New Minimum Wage Law (Bloomberg)

News you can use:
-Cold Weather Tips From Chicagoans Who Really Know What They’re Talking About (New York Times)
-From 2 Degrees to 60 in New York, a Spring-Like Twist Is Ahead (Bloomberg)
-Superbowl Sunday: Everything you need to know: Start time, commercials, halftime show and more (ABC News)

Black History Month: Overlooked No More (New York Times)
The New York Times today looks at the remarkable black men and women who never received obituaries in the paper as part of their “Overlooked” series profiling prominent people whose deaths were not reported by the newspaper in the past.

Book Section: Bloomberg Staffers Stock Up on Bloomberg by Bloomberg Book (Politico Morning Media)
Bloomberg recently added an internal function on the Bloomberg terminal, called (BBYB <GO>), for employees to order free copies of founder (and possible 2020 contender) Michael Bloomberg’s revised and updated book, “Bloomberg by Bloomberg.” The company quickly went through its initial order of 15,000 copies for some 20,000 employees worldwide, and has had to order another 10,000 more copies. All royalties from the sale of the second edition will be donated to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Best of late night.

“Senator Kamala Harris said that as part of her presidential platform she would advocate for a single-payer health care system. It would replace our current system of taking Flintstones vitamins and hoping for the best.”
— Seth Meyers

On the Polar Vortex bringing record breaking low temperatures to the U.S.:

“It is so cold, Canadian Geese are having to wear Canada Goose jackets.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Throughout the country, people are dealing with freezing temperatures. All day long, New Yorkers struggled with how to give each other the finger while wearing mittens.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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