Friday, January 25

ByKevin Sheekey

Bloomberg Rips Trump: ‘Totally Incompetent’ (Politico)

Michael Bloomberg came to Virginia on Friday to deliver a message to Democrats: I told you so.


The former New York City mayor delivered his most anti-Trump remarks since he called then candidate Donald Trump a “dangerous demagogue” and knocked his business credentials in a speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

“I said then that he was just not suited,” Bloomberg said Friday morning in a speech at the Democratic Business Council of Northern Virginia event. “He did not have the skills, the temperament, the work ethic to be president of the United States.”

More: Bloomberg says Trump, at this point, ‘cannot be helped’ (Associated Press)

Potential Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said Friday that Donald Trump’s presidency “cannot be helped” and was “dangerous” for the country. The former New York City mayor also described the partial government shutdown, now at a record 35th day, as “a complete failure of presidential leadership.”


The billionaire businessman said that for fellow New Yorker Trump, “the art of the deal is simply cheating people and not caring about how badly they get hurt and now he’s doing it to the American people.”

Bloomberg also said that he thinks “it’s clear that this president, at this point, cannot be helped.”

Hot on the Bloomberg: FAA Limits LaGuardia Flights as Shutdown Hits Air-Traffic Staffing (Bloomberg)

Nancy Pelosi, a Woman in Control, Is a Rival Who Flummoxes Trump (New York Times)

Cover Story: What Makes This Washington Standoff Different From the Others (Bloomberg Businessweek)

Russia Investigation Latest: Trump Associate Roger Stone Arrested in Florida as Part of Special Counsel Probe (Bloomberg)

According to the indictment, by June or July 2016, Stone told “senior Trump campaign officials’’ that he knew that WikiLeaks had damaging information about the Clinton campaign. After the release by WikiLeaks on July 22, 2016, of emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee, a senior Trump campaign official “was directed’’ to contact Stone about other damaging material, and he later told the Trump campaign about potential future releases, according to the indictment.
Read the indictment: U.S. v Roger Jason Stone, Jr.
For background…watch the documentary: Get Me Roger Stone (Netflix)

Editorial: A Bold, Risky Stroke for Democracy in Venezuela (Bloomberg Opinion)
An attempt to restore democracy will fail without the world’s help.

Climate Today: Global Warming Concerns Rise Among Americans in New Poll (New York Times)
“I’ve never seen jumps in some of the key indicators like this,” the lead researcher said.

2020 Watch: Mayors Could Be the Anti-Trump in 2020 (CNN)
At the top tier of potential candidates are former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and — the only one with an exploratory committee — the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

Headlines from around the world.

Arts Section.

Camden, New Jersey Wins Latest Bloomberg Philanthropies Award – $1 Million for Public Art Project (ArtNews)
Camden will receive $1 million for “A New View,” an exhibition of artworks at illegal dumping sites along the state’s public transportation networks. The project aims to repurpose littered areas and inspire Camden residents to combat pollution. Camden’s mayor said the project creates a brighter future for Camden.

One Month Until the Oscars: The 91st Academy Awards are scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 24, which means you have 4 weeks to watch the nominated films if you haven’t already. Click here for a recap of nominations, which include ‘Roma,’ ‘The Favourite’ and ‘Black Panther.’

Best of late night.

On allegations from the El Chapo trial in Brooklyn, including one about Mexico’s former president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who left office late last year:
“El Chapo might have bribed the ex-Mexican president $100 million. Although, to be fair, the Mexican president has already denied it from the deck of his $101 million yacht.”
— Trevor Noah

On the U.S. government shutdown:
“The shutdown may also delay the release of new wines. When asked how they feel about it, wine makers said “Bitter. With hints of anger and resentment.””
— Jimmy Fallon

On the shutdown’s impact on air traffic controllers, who are working without pay:
“Without properly staffed air-traffic control, pilots are asking how safe it is to fly. And Spirit Airlines pilots are asking, ‘What’s air-traffic control?’”
— Trevor Noah

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