Friday, July 13

ByKevin Sheekey

Trade Whiplash: Trump Apologizes to May and Vows U.K. Trade Deal After Brexit (Bloomberg)

Theresa May and Donald Trump entered a news conference today holding hands and went out of their way to praise one another’s leadership, a day after the U.S. president assailed her Brexit strategy and said one of her political opponents would make a good prime minister.

The two leaders said they’d complete a trade deal between their countries as soon as the U.K. leaves the European Union, after Trump told the Murdoch-owned Sun newspaper in an interview published Thursday that an accord might not be possible because of her decision to maintain ties with the EU.

The interview, published during a gala dinner May hosted for Trump at Blenheim Palace (and which Trump called “fake news”), appeared to further ratchet up tensions in a relationship that’s been fraught since the president assumed office. But Trump tried to make it up to May on Friday, repeating over and over that she was a “tough negotiator.”

Meanwhile in London: Thousands Protest as ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon Takes Flight (CBS News)

Big Bank Earnings Day:
JPMorgan’s Strong Loan Growth Signals Life Left in Trump Bump
Citigroup Shares Decline as Revenue from Bond Trading Dips (Bloomberg)

Climate of Hope: California Slashes Emissions, Hits Major Greenhouse Gas Goal Years Early (San Francisco Chronicle)

World Cup Preview: France versus Croatia — The Battle of the Economies (Bloomberg)
Key findings: French are happier, richer and live longer, while Croats exercise more and drink less per capita

Headlines from around the world.

The Telegraph (UK): The Beast, Secret Service Agents and a 1,000-Strong Entourage: The ‘Ring of Steel’ Security Operation Behind Trump’s UK Visit

Bloomberg: Sudanese President Wanted by International Criminal Court To Attend World Cup Final, Invited by Putin

Japan Times: Japan Population Declines at Fastest Pace Yet, Only Tokyo Seeing Significant Growth

Politico: Bankers Poised to Pour Money, Ads into Contested U.S. Midterms

New York Times: 4,500 Tech Workers, 1 Mission: Get Democrats Elected

Weekend Arts.

New York – The Rockaways: Step Inside the New, Perfectly Instagrammable Beach Getaway (W Magazine)
‘Narcissus Garden,’ presented in collaboration with the Rockaway Artists Alliance, MoMA PS1, Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy, National Park Service and Bloomberg Philanthropies, is at the Rockaways through September 3, 2018. Check out these photos of the exhibit from the New York Times, featuring the famous Bloomberg umbrellas.

Liverpool Biennial 2018 – Bloomberg New Contemporaries: At the Bloomberg Philanthropies-supported Liverpool Biennial 2018, Bloomberg New Contemporaries’ latest exhibition will profile 57 emerging artists recently graduated from art schools and other learning programs from across the UK. The exhibition is open from July 14 through September 9 and will travel to the South London Gallery in December 2018. Read more here.

The Serpentine Pavilion Beijing: Modelled on the Serpentine’s annual Pavilion commission in London’s Kensington Gardens, the inaugural Serpentine Pavilion Beijing opens at WF Central, just 600m away from the Forbidden City. This pavilion serves as a public space for cultural activities and events through the summer. Mike Bloomberg is chair of the Serpentine Galleries. For more on the exhibit, click here.


From Late Night TV:

“While in the U.K., President Trump was asked if he was worried about the protests there. And he said — this is a quote — ‘I think they agree with me on immigration.’ Yeah, Trump has a point: Many people in England want him immediately deported.”
— Conan O’Brien

“I lost 200,000 followers today — including my dad. It turned out he was a Russian bot the whole time.”
–Jimmy Kimmel, on the effects of Twitter’s bot-cleanup operation on Thursday

And ahead of tomorrow’s Bastille Day and the World Cup final Sunday featuring France, some French humor:

“There is far less envy in America than in France, and far less wit.”
— Stendhal, 19th-century French writer

“The French are the wittiest, the most charming, and up to the present, at all events, the least musical race on Earth.”
— Stendhal

“I like Ireland because it means I’m near France.”
— Harry Harrison, American science-fiction author

“The difference between the extras here and in France is the French extras read books.”
— Bérénice Bejo, Argentine French actress

For more best of late night, click here , and more humor on France, click here.

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