Friday, June 28

ByKevin Sheekey


A lot to think about over the weekend.

Last night in Osaka, Donald Trump sat down with Vladimir Putin at the G-20 for their first meeting since the Mueller report came out. When asked by a reporter about 2020 election meddling, Trump dismissed the question with humor by wagging his finger at Vladimir and said “Don’t meddle.”

A U.S. – China trade war also hangs in the balance at the G-20 as Xi Jinping and Trump prepare to meet tomorrow.

And in Miami last night, the second democratic presidential debate highlighted a shift in the primary from candidates attacking Trump to attacking each other.

Let’s leave despair until Monday. Later today, I’m shifting my attention to the Women’s World Cup where the United States faces France, the tournament host, in a highly anticipated quarterfinal between what are the two strongest teams. The winner will play England on Tuesday. The Americans are the most accomplished women’s team in the world and the defending World Cup champion. #USA

And if you want to find a parade or dance party in New York City, we hope you’ve been resting up because this weekend is going to be a fun one.

Bloomberg employees, friends and family will descend onto Randall’s Island for the annual New York summer picnic. Check out this throwback photo from a picnic in the 1990s.

And four million people are expected to arrive in New York City this weekend to celebrate World Pride. Could there be a better kind of guest?

What I’m reading.

Breaking from the Supreme Court:
-U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Trump Bid to End Obama’s DACA Program (Bloomberg)
-Supreme Court Rejects Alabama Bid to Bar Common Abortion Method (Bloomberg)

Headlines from the G-20:
-Climate News: Brazil Affirms Support for the Paris Accord
-Photo of the Day: Theresa May Confronts Putin Over Salisbury Poisoning (The Guardian – UK)
-Watch For Yourself: Smiling Trump Tells Putin: ‘Don’t Meddle in the Election’ (Bloomberg)

Headlines from the Democratic debates:
-Debates Scramble Democratic Field (Washington Post)
-Debate Takeaways: Harris Soars, Biden Stumbles, Buttigieg Scores (Bloomberg)
-Graphic: Who Spoke the Most: Biden, Harris, Sanders (Washington Post)
-Kamala Harris’ Night: Schools Biden on Busing (Axios)
-Remember the First Debate? Debate Opener Was the Most-Watched TV Program on Wednesday Night (Bloomberg)

First on the Bloomberg:
Not Just the 737 Max: Pilots Flagged Software Problems on Boeing Jets Besides the Max
Commercial pilots flying Boeing’s NG, or “Next Generation,” models have registered concerns on a variety of computer problems through the Aviation Safety Reporting System, a database administered by NASA. One reason glitches are multiplying is that Boeing and Airbus are both trying to shoehorn more complicated digital systems into older designs. Boeing shares dropped after Bloomberg’s report.

With Electric Airliners Within Reach: The New Era of Supersonic Travel May End Before It Even Begins (Bloomberg)

Comrade: In Miami, Bill de Blasio Said Four Words in Spanish. Slight Problem: They Were Che Guevara’s Words (Miami Herald)
The quote is a reminder of his days aiding the Sandanista party in Nicaragua in the late 1980’s.

Education Watch: New York City’s Era of Data-based Teacher Accountability is Over (Chalkbeat)

Travel Planning: World’s Longest Waterslide Opening on Malaysian Island of Penang (South China Morning Post)
The ride stands 70 metres (230ft) high and will carry riders for 1,140 metres (3,740ft) as it winds through jungle trees, over roads and near bridges.

Ski Colorado: Arapahoe Basin Ski Area Near Vail Is Open for Fourth of July (Bloomberg)

Best of late night.

On a U.S. Christian group that gathered 20,000 signatures on a petition to cancel the Amazon Prime TV show “Good Omens”:

“The problem is they sent the petition to Netflix, but the show is on Amazon Prime! So they have also demanded that ABC cancel “The CBS Evening News.”
–Stephen Colbert

On the Democratic presidential debate last night:

“Tonight we saw the clash of the big B’s, Biden, Bernie, Buttigieg…Bicken-Blooper.”
–Stephen Colbert

“With 10 people onstage it was less of a debate and more of, like, a lightning round. Or in Bernie Sanders’s case, more a ‘struck-by-lightning round.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

On World Pride festivities in New York City this weekend where four million people are expected to attend:

“New York will hold its annual LGBTQ pride parade this weekend. And if you don’t know what LGBTQ stands for, those are the trains that will be out of service.”
— Seth Meyers

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