Friday, March 8

ByKevin Sheekey

For International Women’s Day, I want to highlight an inspirational program that Bloomberg Philanthropies is supporting in a remote region of Tanzania.

The program, overseen by Dr. Kelly Henning, is preventing hundreds of maternal and newborn deaths a year.

If you watch nothing else today, watch this video featuring Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Dr. Neena Prasad and Mike Bloomberg explain how the program has helped women in Tanzania’s Kigoma region live longer and healthier lives. Because all women, no matter where they live, deserve long, healthy lives.

Here’s how it works: Through partners on the ground, nearly 50 nurse midwives and other medical personnel have been trained in emergency care for women, including how to perform c-sections and properly provide anesthesia during childbirth.

To date, more than 100,000 babies have been safely delivered through the program, helping women in this remote region survive childbirth. In addition, thousands of women in Tanzania have been able to decide for themselves if, when and how many children to have through increased access to family planning information and services. This is making a big difference.

The program is a model that is now being expanded across Tanzania. We hope other countries with high rates of maternal death will replicate it to deploy in other rural areas to help women have better access to family planning services, help women survive childbirth and deliver healthy babies.

Read more about the program here.

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Now to the News.

Hot on the Bloomberg:
U.S. Hiring Plunges to 20,000 as Wage Gains Top Estimates
Factory jobs cooled while construction industry lost 31,000.

China Stocks Sink Most in 2019 as Rare Sell Rating Stuns Traders (Bloomberg)
The Shanghai Composite Index lost 4.4 percent to close Friday below the key 3,000 point level.

Today in Lenient Sentencing: Former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Gets Far Less Prison Time than Sentencing Guidelines Call For (Washington Post)

Today in Book Sales: The Mueller Report Is Already a Hit on Amazon, Sight Unseen (New York Times)

Divestment Watch: Norway Gives $1 Trillion Wealth Fund Approval to Dump Some, Not All, Oil Stocks (Bloomberg)

Euro Economy Watch: Italy’s Non-Working Women Are a $99 Billion Opportunity (Bloomberg)

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Says Modern Monetary Theory Is ‘Garbage,’ Rising Populism Continuing Concern (Bloomberg)

Ratings Blowout: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Reaches Nearly 4 Million Viewers – Beating Fox News’ Sean Hannity (Mediaite)

And finally, on this International Women’s Day, I want to share this story from Mike Bloomberg’s autobiography, Bloomberg by Bloomberg:

“When we decided to open an office in Japan [in the late 1980’s], the two pieces of advice I got from everyone were: get a Japanese partner (satisfying government regulations would be impossible without an insider’s help, I was told), and don’t send women (Japanese businesswomen in those days wore uniforms and served tea). Bloomberg being Bloomberg, we opened without a local partner (and had no governmental problems) and sent two women to run the place (who were accepted and able to hire men to work under them). So much for convention.”
— Mike Bloomberg, in Bloomberg by Bloomberg

Best of late night.

“This week Hillary Clinton said she will not run for president again. She’s not going to run. As a result, Fox News is down to one minute of daily programming. The rest is all catheter ads, I believe.”
— Conan O’Brien

On Thursday’s sentencing of former Trump campaign chair, Paul Manafort, to 47 months in prison:

“You know a sentence isn’t too stiff when they announce it in months. It’s like when you tell somebody how old your baby is.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

“I mean, at this point so many of Trump’s people are headed to jail, it’s going to feel like a high school reunion.”
— James Corden

“Google is currently working on a new Android feature that would allow users to store a digital version of their driver’s license on their phone. You have to admit, Google is definitely making it easier and more convenient — for your personal information to be stolen by Google.”
— James Corden

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