Friday, May 17

ByKevin Sheekey

Mike Bloomberg Tells Class of 2019: Bring Truth to Light
Mike Bloomberg today addressed graduates at Washington University in St. Louis. Here is an excerpt:

Americans are losing the ability to conduct civil and productive dialogue with those who hold different political views. This has profound implications for our ability to function as a society.

After all, when we can’t talk with one another, we can’t understand one another. When we can’t understand one another, we can’t work together. And when we can’t work together, we can’t do anything — at least not anything big and important.

We face a lot of challenges in America today, from climate change to gun violence to failing schools to the opioid epidemic. And on campuses, there’s a frightening trend toward racism, sexism, hatred, anti-Semitism and intolerance of unpopular views and opinions.

To have any hope of overcoming these challenges, we have to reclaim our civic dialogue from those who are debasing and degrading it, and preventing us from getting things done.”

An adaptation of the speech has been posted at Bloomberg Opinion here, and see Mike’s tweet here.

Mike Bloomberg Teams With Washington U. to Announce Expanded Support of Local, Regional Climate Efforts (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
The Midwestern Collegiate Climate Summit, in partnership with Washington University and Ohio State University, will be held in late 2020. Read the announcement here.

Hot on the Bloomberg:
China Downplays Chances for Talks While U.S. Plays ‘Little Tricks’ (Bloomberg)
China’s state media signaled a lack of interest in resuming trade talks with the U.S. under the current threat to escalate tariffs.

Other Trade News:
Trump Delays EU, Japan Auto Tariffs for 180 Days for Talks (Bloomberg)
Backing Down: U.S. Poised to Remove Steel, Aluminum Tariffs on Canada, Mexico (Bloomberg)

Kings of Debt: USA Drowning in Debt (Axios)
Mounting U.S. debt, and rising credit-card delinquencies, are creating what one big bond investor describes as a “cocktail of economic risk.” U.S. national debt is $1 trillion higher than the previous record.

Financial News: Quants Think Like Amateurs in World’s Wildest Stock Market (Bloomberg)
As quants adapt their models to a Chinese market where amateur investors drive more than 80% of trades, they’re coming up with clever ways to predict where the nation’s so-called dumb money is headed.

Bloomberg Project Pushes Representation for Women in Finance (InvestorDaily)

Climate News:
Earth Just Had Its Second-Hottest April on Record (Axios)
How Australia’s Election Could Save the World (Bloomberg Opinion – David Fickling)
Corporate Japan Steps Up Disclosure of Climate Change Risks (Nikkei Asian Review)

Progress: Taiwan Lays Down Historic Marker for Same-Sex Marriage in Asia (Bloomberg)

Who Said It Best? Bill de Blasio’s New Dig at Trump Sounds Familiar (NY1 News)

N.Y. Cities Desperate for People Try a New Strategy – Luring Refugees to Boost Local Economy (New York Times)

Weekend Section.

Florida Today: Temple of Time Burning Ceremony Set For Sunday Near Parkland (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
The 35-foot-high wooden temple, built by California artist David Best, opened on Feb. 14, one year after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. The installation is part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge and the first project from winning city Coral Springs. The temporary sanctuary, built to help heal the pain of Parkland, will go up in flames in a ceremony Sunday evening.

Cool Slideshow: New TWA Hotel at JFK Opens (Bloomberg)
Layovers aren’t looking so bad anymore. From working controls in a cockpit cocktail bar to vintage magazines and newspapers for sale, there is much to explore in the new hotel at JFK airport.

Best of late night.

“Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might be raising their new baby to be vegan. What a day that would be…finding out you’re a Prince, but then finding out you’re vegan.”
— Jimmy Fallon

On escalating hostility between the U.S. and Iran:

“There’s nothing better for taking your mind off a looming trade war than a looming war war.”
— Stephen Colbert

“Game of Thrones will air its final episode this weekend, and if you’re wondering who’s going to die, my guess is…HBO?”
— Seth Meyers

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