Friday, May 24

ByKevin Sheekey

Mike Bloomberg Doubles Down on Fighting Climate Crisis: New Funding for ‘America’s Pledge’ U.S. Climate Report (

Today, Mike Bloomberg is boosting his commitment to support ongoing efforts at the state and local levels to combat the climate crisis as the current U.S. administration fails to act.

Bloomberg will grant $2.3 million to the University of Maryland’s Center for Global Sustainability and the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) in Colorado to evaluate and analyze current U.S. greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

As UN Special Envoy, he will submit the report to the United Nations to demonstrate U.S. progress in meeting carbon reduction commitments made under the Paris Climate Agreement.

“This Administration’s negligence on climate change and kowtowing to the coal industry is harming Americans’ health and safety – and costing us money in higher electric bills,” Bloomberg said. “But we’re not going to let that stand in our way: We’re going to uphold our end of the Paris Agreement, no matter what happens in Washington.”

Read the announcement here or in the Baltimore Sun here.

UK Today:

After Theresa May, Who Could Be Next PM? The Tory Rivals Jostling to Be U.K. Prime Minister (Bloomberg)
Tory leadership contests are curious beasts in which front-runners often don’t win.

The possible candidates in the Conservative Party leadership race include: Boris Johnson (‘The Favourite’), Penny Mordaunt (The Brexiteer with the Barrack-Room Jokes), Dominic Raab (The Mercurial Brexiteer), Michael Gove (Back From the Dead), Andrea Leadsom (The One Who Tried Before), Sajid Javid (The Great Backstory), Jeremy Hunt (Steady as He Goes), Liz Truss (The Twitter-Loving Neo-Thatcherite), Matt Hancock (The Energetic Up-and-Comer), David Lidington (The Loyal Deputy), and Amber Rudd (The King Maker).

The Process: How the Tory Party Picks a Leader: Gaffes, Duplicity and Ballots (Bloomberg)

What’s Next for Brexit? Tory Favorite Boris Johnson Says He Wants a Pragmatic Brexit (Bloomberg)
He also said the country must prepare for a no-deal Brexit as a negotiating tactic.

EU Elections:

Dutch Result: Nationalists’ First Crack at EU Establishment Looks Like a Bust in the Netherlands (Bloomberg)
The euroskeptic forces failed to make a breakthrough in the Netherlands, the first country to release exit polls. In Europe’s battle between resurgent populism and the establishment, moderate, pro-EU parties are poised to win the first round in Netherlands decisively.

Why EU Elections are a Moment of Truth for Nationalists (BBC News)

Election Results Sunday: Save this link to see live election results Sunday or follow the results on TLIV <GO> on the Bloomberg.

Go Vote! As @MikeBloomberg tweeted: “This week’s elections in Europe are critical to the EU’s continued leadership in fighting climate change & protectionism. Our biggest problems require global cooperation — there is no other way. I urge all EU citizens to go out and vote. #EUelections2019

Boeing Consequences: After Early Claims of Airworthiness by FAA and Boeing, Global Consensus For Return Of 737 Max Will Be Hard (New York Times)
Delaying approval for the 737 Max could also provide China leverage in the trade war with the United States. Boeing aircraft are one of the largest American exports to China by dollar value, and an obvious target for officials in Beijing if they want to further retaliate.

Today in Finance: Wall Street Broker-Conflict Rules Poised for Overhaul by SEC (Bloomberg)

Busted? Suspect in NYC Subway Brake Pullings Is Arrested – Possible Source for Major Delays (New York Times)

Tech Today: The Year That Big Tech Hubs Got Some Competition (Bloomberg Opinion – Conor Sen)
Bloomberg Beta‘s team traveled to Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on the third ‘Comeback Cities Tour,’ which is aimed at connecting venture capitalists from the East and West Coasts with investment opportunities in the heartland of the U.S.

Weekend section.

US Memorial Day Weekend:
Everything You Need to See, Eat, Drink, and Do in NYC This Weekend
(Thrillist NYC)
Click here for your guide to NYC Fleet Week. New York magazine has a list of where to eat and drink here. And here are your Memorial Day weekend guides for Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco. and Washington, DC.

UK’s Spring Bank Holiday:
Things To Do This Holiday Weekend In London

Best of late night.

On the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates:

“Joe Biden raised over $2 million in just two days while he was in Florida. Amazing. In Florida, he raised $2 million! It was probably due to his speech entitled, ‘Hey, I’m Your Age.’”
— Conan O’Brien

On Pete Buttigieg’s decision to appear on Fox News for a town hall:

“Why even bother doing a Fox town hall? As Democrats, there are easier ways for you to get lots of Fox News airtime. You can talk about climate change, or wear pajamas — or if all those options fail, just be Hillary Clinton.”
— Samantha Bee

On a recent study that found drinking too many sugary drinks may lead to an early death:

“A new study has found that excessive consumption of sugary drinks and fruit juices can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. This news was first reported on a very depressing Snapple cap.”
— Seth Meyers

On Backstreet Boys releasing a 20th anniversary version of ‘I Want It That Way’:

“But since they’re 20 years older, instead of ‘I Want It That Way,’ the song is now called ‘Just give it to me however you have it, I have the kids in the car, we’re late for school, just give me it’.
— Jimmy Fallon

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