Friday, November 2

ByKevin Sheekey

Breaking Economic News: U.S. Payrolls Rise Above-Forecast 250,000 as Wage Gains Hit 3.1% (Bloomberg)
The median estimate in a Bloomberg survey called for an increase of 200,000 jobs. Average hourly earnings for private workers advanced 3.1 percent from a year earlier and the unemployment rate was unchanged from September at 3.7 percent, both matching projections.

It’s Friday before the U.S. midterms, and the heat is on both parties to turn out the vote. Mike Bloomberg’s Independence USA has launched a new audio ad campaign featuring stars urging women to vote.

In announcing the new campaign, Cher said her vote is a matter of life or death: “I have been alive through thirteen Presidencies and I never thought my vote would be a matter of life or death. But given this administration’s disregard for pre-existing conditions, climate change, gun reform and so much more, it is life or death. Please Vote.”

Mike Bloomberg said: “There is a record number women running for office in this year’s midterm elections – and we need to make sure that a record number of women cast ballots, as well. There are so many good reasons to vote, and I want to thank all the women who participated in this effort for making their voices heard and encouraging others to do the same.”

Listen to the ads here and watch the video ad here.

Voting for Gun Sense: In a powerful ad aimed at young voters, the Mike Bloomberg founded and funded Everytown for Gun Safety released a new ad today urging Americans to vote for gun sense candidates. Watch it here.

Bloomberg Super PAC Plows $29.5 Million Into Support of Democrats in House Races (USA Today)
The independent expenditures by Independence USA PAC, whose sole funder is Mike Bloomberg, have all occurred in about the last week. It’s the most spent by any PAC during that period on independent expenditures supporting or opposing a candidate, according to a USA TODAY review of Federal Election Commission records.

Frank Bruni Asks: What Kind of Democrat Can Beat Trump in 2020? The Midterms Will Answer Some Questions, but Not the Biggest One of All. (New York Times)
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says that Mike Bloomberg worried him, because Bloomberg’s personal wealth would spare him the distraction of fund-raising, and that Joe Biden had the right instinct when he said that if he and Trump had gone to high school together, he would have “beat the hell out of him.” (Bob Kerry adds) in a perfect world, a Democratic candidate would go even further than that in the primary and tell voters: “You’re going to get angry at me, because I’m going to embrace a Republican idea if it feels good. Don’t expect me to be 100 percent — 100 percent may make you happy, but it won’t pull this country together.”​

First on the Bloomberg: Trump Asks Cabinet to Draft Possible Trade Deal With China (Bloomberg)

Economics Today:
-Fed Chair Jerome Powell Says Reduced Immigration Could Slow U.S. Economy by Limiting Growth in U.S. Labor Force
-A Synchronized Slowdown Is Looming (Bloomberg)

Brexit Update:
-The Great Brexit Banker Exodus That Wasn’t
-Brexit Bankroller Arron Banks Faces Criminal Probe over Referendum Campaign Payments (Washington Post)

Apple Shares Fall 5%: Apple Silence on iPhone Unit Sales Sparks Concern, Shows Future (Bloomberg)

Weekend arts: The work of Christo and Jeanne Claude

I was delighted to attend last night’s Performa gala in honor Christo and Jeanne-Claude. He is as inspiring as he is unique – and a favorite here at Bloomberg. Watch Mike’s tribute to Christo here along with footage from The Gates in Central Park.

Miami’s Pérez Museum Recalls When Nearby Islands Were Shocking (and Pink) (New York Times)
Relive Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s 1980s project, “Surrounded Islands,” in which the artists wrapped 11 islands in Miami’s Biscayne Bay with pink fabric, at a new exhibit at the Bloomberg Philanthropies-supported Pérez Art Museum in Miami.

First Look: “Walking on Water,” the documentary about the famed Christo installation he improbably installed in Italy, will have its New York premiere on Nov. 10 in NYC and a theatrical release in 2019.

Best of late night.

“Today is the first day of November! Turkeys were like ‘anyone else have a weird feeling that something terrible is about to happen?’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“A school administrator in Louisiana was just arrested after she showed up to school drunk during Alcohol Awareness Week. To be fair, she did make everyone very aware of alcohol.”
— Jimmy Fallon

For more best of late night from the New York Times, click here.

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