Friday, October 20

ByKevin Sheekey

Weekend election results to watch:
Saturday: Euroskeptic Czechs Poised to Hand Power to Populist Tycoon (Bloomberg)
Sunday: Japan’s Abe Set for Landslide Election Win (Bloomberg)

Fed Chair Watch:  Trump’s closest advisers are steering him toward choosing Stanford economist John Taylor or Fed board governor Jerome Powell to be next Fed chief, although Trump has not made up his mind. Trump Advisers Said to Lean Toward Taylor or Powell for Fed Chair (Bloomberg)

China’s top banking regulator says it’s committed to easing ownership and business restrictions of foreign banks. China’s Top Bank Regulator Endorses Reform of Finance Industry (Bloomberg)

Pollution deadlier than war, disaster, hunger, according to the most comprehensive global analysis to date. Global Pollution Kills 9M a Year and Threatens ‘Survival of Human Societies.’ (Guardian)

Data is going to power Mike Bloomberg’s next big thing: America’s Pledge, a growing alliance of states, cities, governors, mayors, business leaders, universities and philanthropies that have vowed to get the country to meet its emissions-reduction promises agreed to in Paris. Mike Bloomberg Is Our Saint of Rational Self-Interest (Elle)

New York Politico Quote of the Day: “I mean, I give him credit for honesty, but that might be the stupidest f**king thing I ever heard anybody say.” – Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, on Mayor de Blasio’s explanation that as a Red Sox fan, he finds it “physically impossible” to root for the Yankees.  (Mediaite)

Paul Ryan, the House Speaker, opened his remarks last night at the annual Al Smith Dinner with “Enough with the applause,” he told the annual white-tie fundraiser that brings together New York’s political and Roman Catholic elite.  “You sound like the cabinet when Donald Trump walks into the room.”  At Al Smith Dinner, Paul Ryan’s Best Jokes are Aimed at Trump (New York Times)

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