Friday, October 25

ByKevin Sheekey

Today in Banking: Citi Promotes Jane Fraser, Sets Stage for First Female Bank CEO (Bloomberg)

Brexit Headlines:
-Thought the Brexit Mess Couldn’t Get Worse? It Has (Bloomberg)
-Boris Johnson’s Election Bid In Doubt Amid No-Deal Brexit Threat (Bloomberg)
-Brexit Relief Fuels Biggest European Equity Inflows in 20 Months (Bloomberg)

Mike Allen Scoop: ‘Anonymous’ to Expose Private Trump Conversations (Axios)

The anonymous “senior Trump administration official” who will release a tell-all book, “A Warning,” next month was a frequent participant in meetings with President Trump and plans to recount specific conversations, sources tell Axios’s Mike Allen.

The author, who has been silent since last year’s mysterious New York Times op-ed, has access to extensive, internal notes that will be revealed in the book, out Nov. 19.

China Fires Back at Mike Pence, Says U.S. Should Get House in Order (Bloomberg)

Argentina Votes on Sunday: The Man Who Would Be Argentina’s President Terrifies Investors (Bloomberg)
Versión en Español.

Cristina’s Comeback: Fernández de Kirchner Set for Dramatic Return as Argentina’s No 2 (The Guardian)

Weakening: Trump Considers Retreat From Ban of Mint, Menthol Vaping Flavors (Bloomberg)

Mike Bloomberg’s response: “The Trump Admin said it will take all flavored e-cigs off the market—a decision w/ overwhelming bipartisan support. 44 days later, we’re still waiting. Any plan that doesn’t ban mint & menthol is no plan at all. They must stand up to the tobacco industry & honor their commitment.”

Take This Quiz: Which Campaign Did It: Trump 2016 or Warren 2020? (Bloomberg)

Today in Financial News.

Earnings Watch: Barclays Trading Revenue Outperforms Wall Street Peers (Bloomberg)

Goldman Sachs Pulls $234 Million from Ken Fisher’s Firm After His Remarks (Bloomberg)

Fed Watch: The Longer-Term Lessons of the Repo Turmoil (Bloomberg Opinion – Bill Dudley)

There are more steps the Fed should take. Easing bank regulations isn’t one of them.

Today in Tech.

Google Says New AI-Powered Search Update Is ‘Huge Step Forward (Bloomberg)

The new system relies on a Google artificial intelligence tool designed to parse long, complicated sentences, rather than just strings of words.

Aviation Today.

Will Boeing Ever Recover From the 737 Max Debacle? (Bloomberg Businessweek)

American, United, and Canada’s WestJet have removed the Max from their schedules into January. Southwest and Air Canada don’t expect to fly their Max planes before February.

Climate News.

Cash for Carbon: Senator Schumer Climate Plan Would Help Consumers Buy Electric Cars (New York Times)

The Democratic leader is preparing a $450 billion climate change initiative that aims to replace about a fifth of the nation’s traditional gasoline-powered vehicles with hybrid, electric or hydrogen fuel-cell cars and trucks in the next 10 years.

Arts section.

Louvre in Paris Opens Long-Awaited Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition (BBC)

One of the world’s most expensive art exhibitions – to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death – is finally opening to the public.

The Louvre museum in Paris opened its doors on Thursday to a display of more than 160 Renaissance-era paintings and drawings, some of which are on loan from Queen Elizabeth II and Bill and Melinda Gates.

Breaking October news.

Best of late night.

On Judge Judy endorsing Mike Bloomberg for president in a USA Today oped this week:

“Sounds good, but I still want to hear what the judges from the show Hot Bench think before I make my decision.”
–Jimmy Fallon

On President Trump saying that a border wall with Mexico was being built in Colorado:

“Then Trump announced our Coast Guard would be patrolling the ports of Nebraska, so that’s good.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“That’s right, a border wall in Colorado. Once they’re done with that, they’re building a naval base in Idaho.”
— Stephen Colbert

“Even worse, he’s going to make New Mexico pay for it.”
— James Corden

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