Monday, April 1

ByKevin Sheekey

Economic News of the Day: China Factory Gauge Rebounds – Surprise Buoys Investors (Bloomberg)

Brexit Update:
Theresa May Faces a Second Attempt by U.K. Parliament to Impose Brexit Plan B
Brexit Plan B is most likely a softer divorce from the European Union that risks splitting her ruling Conservative Party.

Click here for a guide to the Plan B options Parliament will vote on today.

Hot on the Bloomberg:
Erdogan Loses Key Cities as Turkey Feels Recession’s Sting
Ankara and Mediterranean cities slip from grasp of AKP, and Istanbul could slide too.

Breaking in Washington: At Least 25 People Got Security Clearances from Trump After Being Denied by Civil Servants – Whistleblower (New York Times)

Slovakia Elects First Female President: Zuzana Caputova Wins Election as Anti-Corruption Candidate (BBC)

UK Tech Today: Digital ‘Flat White Economy’ Becomes U.K.’s Biggest Sector (Bloomberg)

Climate Today: Investors Ramp Up Pressure on Exxon Over Climate Change (Axios)
The investment community is becoming an alternative battleground between publicly traded companies and climate change as U.S. government policy on the matter retreats under President Trump.

New York Will Be First City in US to Charge Drivers to Enter Its Busiest Areas (Quartz)
The move follows a 2008 push for congestion pricing by then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The new charge is expected to raise more than $1 billion a year for the city’s public transit system.

Breaking News: What Watches Do The Most Powerful People in Business and Finance Wear? (Australian Financial Review)
IBM Chair and CEO Ginni Rometty wears a Rolex ($US10,400), Mike Bloomberg wears a Victorinox ($US100), Bank of England Governor Mark Carney wears a Swatch ($US100), UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti wears a Rolex Daytona ($23,000), and former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi wears a Cartier Tank Franchise ($2600).

Best of late night.

“It’s opening day for major league baseball. Remember baseball? Baseball used to be America’s national past-time before Fortnite took over.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

On President Trump’s attorney general William Barr issuing a four page summary of the Mueller report:

“This is like trying to pick a restaurant and the only Yelp review is from the chef.”
— Bill Maher

“McDonalds has announced plans for new digital menus at their drive-thru that will offer customers suggestions based on what they ordered. For example, if you ordered a salad, it would suggest that you stop kidding yourself.”
— Weekend Update, Saturday Night Live

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