Monday, April 8

ByKevin Sheekey

From Bloomberg’s Brexit Bulletin: There have been many “crunch” weeks in the Brexit process, but this could actually live up to the name.

By close of business on Friday, Brexit will either be happening or it will be delayed—possibly for a long time. If nothing changes before then, the sun will set—very quickly—on British membership of the European project. Many observers don’t expect that to happen.

Even Prime Minister Theresa May described Britain’s choice as “leaving the European Union with a deal or not leaving at all” in a video she posted on Sunday. Watch her video here.

The Latest: Theresa May to Meet Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday Ahead of Key EU Summit (Bloomberg)

Climate Today: London Gets World’s First 24 Hour Air Pollution Charge “Ultra Low Emission Zone” (BBC News)
Drivers of older, more polluting vehicles will have to pay £12.50 for entering the area each day, in addition to the congestion charge.

Another Firing by Tweet: Trump Ousts Homeland Security Chief Kristjen Nielsen as Border Promises Unravel Ahead of 2020 (Bloomberg)

After New Zealand: U.K. Joins Crackdown on Social Media After Live-Streamed Attack (Bloomberg)
The government outlined plans for an industry-funded regulator that would police the technology companies’ platforms for harmful content, such as incitement to terrorism and child sexual exploitation. The move is part of a push to hold the companies accountable, Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright said in an interview with Bloomberg TV.

Must Read: The Globalization of White Extremists’ Terrorist Attacks (New York Times)
Many white extremist killers are inspired by earlier attacks. The connections between the killers span continents and highlight how the internet and social media have facilitated the spread of white extremist ideology and violence. In one instance, a school shooter in New Mexico corresponded with a gunman who attacked a mall in Munich. Altogether, they killed 11 people.

Israel’s Election is Tomorrow: Benjamin Netanyahu Gambles on West Bank Annexation Vow (Bloomberg)
Catch Up: How Corruption Clouds Netanyahu’s Re-election Effort (Bloomberg QuickTake)

Trade Today: China, U.S. Tout Trade Progress as President Xi Pushes for Early Conclusion of Talks on Pact (Bloomberg)

Opinion from China: China’s Inclusion in Bloomberg Index Diversifies Global Asset Allocation (CGTN)
The opening of the country’s bond market is expected to facilitate the diversification of global assets and inject new energy into global economic growth.

Food Fight: The Great Sriracha Battle Is Coming to America as Thai Hot Sauce Enters Market (Bloomberg)
Two hot-sauce fortunes 8,000 miles apart are poised to collide in the U.S.

New York to London in 1 Hour? Breakthrough for British Hypersonic Jet that Could Fly at Mach 25 (The Times)
The ultimate aim of the project is to produce a reusable vehicle that would combine the fuel efficiency of a jet engine with the power and speed of a rocket.

Best of late night.

Saturday Night Live opened with Joe Biden taking a sensitivity training course. Watch here.

Best lines from SNL’s Weekend Update:

“A pro-Trump group has released a new ad saying [Joe] Biden’s behavior with women is unacceptable, and it should instantly disqualify him from running for President. The group’s name is Independent Republican’s of New York, or IRoNY.”
— Colin Jost

“Charmin has introduced a new toilet paper called “the forever roll”, which can last someone up to one month. ‘We’ll see about that!’ said Chipotle.”
— Michael Che

“Oreo has introduced a new line of cookies inspired by Game of Thrones. I assume with the slogan: ‘Diabetes is Coming.’”
— Michael Che

And finally, watch SNL’s take on Theresa May’s final Brexit push with Kate McKinnon portraying the PM. Watch here.

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