Monday, August 12

ByKevin Sheekey

If you missed Mike Bloomberg this weekend on CBS News’ Face the Nation from Iowa, watch it here in full.

At an Iowa forum on Saturday organized by Moms Demand Action, Students Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety, the democratic presidential candidates spoke largely in one voice, condemning President Trump’s rhetoric and Republican intransigence on the issue.

“We have historic unity in the Democratic Party on guns,” Everytown founder and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg told the forum. “But we’re only halfway there. In the Republican Party, we still have a lot of work to do.”

Read and watch Mike’s full remarks here.

Democratic Candidates Blame Trump, Republicans for Gun Violence (Washington Post)

Mike Bloomberg, Moms Urge Immediate Passage of Gun Safety Laws (

Words Matter: How the El Paso Killer Echoed the Incendiary Words of Conservative Media Stars (New York Times)

Words Matter II: The Brand Label that Stokes Trump’s Fury: ‘Racist’ (Washington Post)

Iowa State Fair Recap: Who Won The Wing Ding (Hindsight 2020)

Argentina Shock Election: Alberto Fernandez, with Cristina Kirchner as Running Mate, Defeats Mauricio Macri in Landslide Vote in Primary (Bloomberg)

Hong Kong Update: Hong Kong Airport Looks to Reopen Early Tuesday Morning after Cancelling Flights Monday (Bloomberg)

Today in Financial News.

Investment Bank Job Cuts Near 30,000 as Outlook Sours (Financial Times)

Falling interest rates, weak trading volumes and automation create brutal summer.

China’s PBOC Says Its Own Cryptocurrency Is ‘Close’ to Release (Bloomberg)

Climate news.

Siberian Forest Fires: World’s Largest Forest Has Been on Fire for Months (Bloomberg)

Parts of Siberia where the fires are concentrated reaching 10 degrees Fahrenheit (6 degrees Celsius) above the 30-year average from 1981 to 2010. The resulting dry conditions fed fires that torched more than 7 million hectares (17 million acres) of Siberian wilderness in just two months.

Since the beginning of the year, fires have consumed an area larger than Greece.

Beyond Carbon: 2020 Democrats Step Up Pressure on Fossil-Fuel Industry in Climate Fight (Bloomberg)

Beyond Coal: ‘Coal is Over’: The Miners Rooting for the Green New Deal (The Guardian)

Some mine workers are looking to a new economic promise after Trump’s proves empty.

One longtime coal miner cited the coal companies that receive billions of dollars in annual government subsidies and tax breaks, while hiring expensive lawyers to fight paying black lung benefits to coal miners. “I fought seven years before I got my black lung benefits, and they were hoping I died before getting paid,” the miner said.

Travel News: Climate Activist Greta Thunberg is Fueling a Carbon Offset Boom (Bloomberg)

Movie news.

Sports section.

Best of late night.

On an American Airlines flight attendant bitten by an “emotional support animal”:

“A flight attendant required 5 stitches earlier this week, after being bitten during a flight by an emotional support dog. “I hate those animals!” he said about the people in coach.”
— Seth Meyers

On New York state becoming the first state in the U.S. to ban declawing cats:

“I always thought declawing was a little weird, especially since American laws still allow cats to own assault rifles.”
— Trevor Noah

On KFC announcing a limited-time-only sandwich called the Cheetos Sandwich:

“Your Cheetos and your fried chicken all in one is a real time saver, because if you’re eating these I’m guessing you don’t have much time left.”
— Stephen Colbert

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