Monday, August 5

ByKevin Sheekey

The U.S. Cannot Let This Moment Pass – by Michael R. Bloomberg

In an oped published by Bloomberg Opinion today, Mike Bloomberg writes:

“Maybe this time will be different. That’s the thought on the minds of many Americans now.”

“Two mass shootings in 24 hours have left at least 29 people murdered and many dozens more wounded. This, just a few days after a shooter at a festival in California killed three and wounded a dozen — with shooting sprees in Brooklyn, Chicago and Mississippi that also left people dead, dozens wounded and communities shaken.”

“President Donald Trump addressed the nation today but failed to mention the two most important words in this debate: background checks. While he said he supports a federal red-flag law, which allows law enforcement to remove guns from those who pose serious mental-health risks, he has yet to push for it.”

“And he pinned more blame on video games and the internet than on our laws that enable such horrific violence — the usual dodge.”

“And so a familiar ritual threatens to repeat. Politicians express sympathy for the victims, hint at openness to insufficient actions, then run out the clock as public attention moves elsewhere.”

“It’s an appalling cycle of political malfeasance that is in danger of recurring even now…”

“I spent last Friday morning with thousands of volunteers from Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action. They had come to Washington to do exactly that: Demand action.”

“Over the past few years, millions of Americans have joined together to push for common-sense legislation — and it’s working.” …

“This time can be different. But only if we reward political leaders who protect public safety, and drive those who don’t from public office. We cannot let this moment pass.”

Read his full oped here.

Here’s what else I’m reading today:

How Gun Control Groups Are Catching Up to the N.R.A. (New York Times)
The major gun safety organizations, propelled by funding from supporters like Michael R. Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor, and grass-roots networks across the country, have helped enact new laws — mostly in Democratic-controlled states — and, for the first time in 25 years, passed a significant gun control bill in the House.

“The Senate should come back from recess and immediately vote on laws that we know work and save lives,” said Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, the grass-roots gun safety organization funded largely by Mr. Bloomberg.

“If Congress continues to sit on its hands, then we will work even harder to make sure that we have a gun-sense majority in Congress and a president who will do the right thing,” Watts said.

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(Hat Tip: Hindsight 2020)

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LHR Travel Alerts:
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(BBC News)
-British Airways, Union Extend Talks to Avert Pilot Strike (Bloomberg)

Ancient Roman Pen with Inscribed Joke Found Under Bloomberg’s London Headquarters (CNN)

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Best of late night.

On the Democratic presidential primary debates last week:

“This was a truly important night for America. A night where the nation tuned in to watch one person emerge from a giant field of candidates and achieve a hard fought victory. That’s right, tonight was The Bachelorette finale.”
–Trevor Noah

“A woman in Tennessee was staying at a Hampton Inn and she woke up to a snake slithering across her body. In their defense, Hampton Inn said ‘well did our wake-up call work or not?’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“A Delta pilot was removed from a fully boarded flight and arrested yesterday for allegedly attempting to fly the plane while intoxicated. ‘How did he get alcohol?’ said the people in coach.”
— Seth Meyers

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