Monday, December 17

ByKevin Sheekey

More Tech in NYC: Google to Invest More Than $1 Billion to Expand NYC Campus (Bloomberg)

Cornell Tech Helped Make New York City Appealing to Amazon (New York Times) The graduate school is rooted in a 2010 competition among universities to open an engineering-and-science center on city-owned land. It was part of efforts by Michael R. Bloomberg, then the mayor, to diversify the city’s economic base, which had traditionally relied on Wall Street and other finance jobs.

The school’s graduates and researchers have parlayed their ideas, skills and ambition into more than 50 start-up companies that have raised a total of $60 million from investors. About 600 of the school’s graduates — including 360 who remain in the city — have been hired by Google, Bloomberg, Microsoft and other technology companies.

New Report: Russian Disinformation Operation Used Every Major Social Media Platform to Help Elect Trump, Worked Even Harder To Support Him In Office (Washington Post)

Climate of Hope: Diplomats Reach Overtime Deal to Keep Paris Climate Pact Alive (New York Times)

Hope for Education: Top Colleges Are Enrolling More Students From Low-Income Homes (Wall Street Journal – Subscription) Yale, Princeton, University of California-Irvine and others have enrolled more low-income students under a Bloomberg Philanthropies education program. According to a new report, the American Talent Initiative – a nationwide alliance of leading colleges and universities – has made significant progress in improving opportunity for low- and moderate-income students. The program is on track to reach its goal to make higher education at colleges and universities with high graduation rates available to 50,000 additional low- and moderate-income students by 2025.

Mike Bloomberg said, “Thousands of talented, lower-income students are qualified to attend our country’s top colleges, but too many never get the chance. We are changing that, because America is strongest when the doors of opportunity are open to all—no matter how much is in their bank account.”

Most Read on the Bloomberg:
Goldman Sachs Faces First Criminal Charges in 1MDB Scandal

New Brexit Referendum Gains Traction as Way to End Gridlock (Bloomberg)

Anti-Orban Rallies in Hungary Snowball to Demand Return to Liberal Democracy (Bloomberg)

Future of Dining: Surge Pricing May Save Your Favorite Restaurant (Bloomberg)

Best of late night.

Saturday Night Live closed out the year with a cold open called “It’s a Wonderful Trump” featuring the return of Ben Stiller, Matt Damon and Robert De Niro. The show prompted a presidential tweet where Trump arguing that the courts should look into shows like SNL as “unfair.” Watch the cold open here.

Also: Watch Kate McKinnon play Theresa May in a “Happy Christmas, Britain” talk show where she interviews Matt Damon as David Cameron after surviving last week’s confidence vote. Watch it here.

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