Monday, November 11

ByKevin Sheekey

Here’s what I’m reading:

Mike Bloomberg is Exactly What the Democratic Race Needs (San Francisco Chronicle)
Bloomberg “ran the biggest city in America, and one of the most politically perilous, without screw-ups or scandals. He’s also got a strong record against gun violence, and don’t dismiss that as a selling point to rank-and-file Democrats. It’s right up there with health care,” writes former two-term mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown.

Run, Mike, Run! (New York Times)
“A Bloomberg-Trump contest would be one between a maker and a faker. If trouncing Donald Trump is essential to the preservation of liberal democracy, then it won’t do to cross fingers and hope he stumbles. A Bloomberg candidacy would be a gift to Democrats, the country, and the world,” writes columnist Bret Stephens.

Here’s What I’m Watching:

Mara Gay from the New York Times Editorial Board on MSNBC Friday:
Mike Bloomberg “is somebody who has affected the lives of Americans in ways far beyond New York City that they may not even think about. The idea of banning smoke from bars and restaurants, for example, massive public health policies that have gone far beyond even the United States. Also the rise of climate change as a public policy issue, gun control issues, and of course the idea that public policy can actually start with states and cities – so he’s had a huge impact.” — MSNBC – 11th Hour with Brian Williams

NBC Meet The Press Anchor Chuck Todd Explains Mike’s Primary Path:
In the month of February, less than 4% of all delegates are available on the path for Mike Bloomberg, and those are the four states he is going to skip. In the month of March, 61.5% of all delegates are available. So if you were looking at it as a business problem, focus your resources on where there’s 61% not 4%.”
— NBC News – Meet the Press (Skip to 41:35)

On ABC’s This Week, Political Consultant Matthew Dowd Gives Historical Context for the Democratic Primary:
This race looks a lot like 1976. In 1976 there were 17 candidates who ran – the most diverse field at that point in time to run. US Senators, former Governors, people that were vice-presidential candidates. And who emerged? Someone who was at 2% in the polls most of the time, Jimmy Carter, who wasn’t even an elected official at the time” — ABC News – This Week (Skip to 7:39)

Today in Washington.

Brexit Today.

Global Headlines.

Climate Today.

Remembering Those Who Served.

In the UK – The 100th Armistice Day: UK Falls Silent in Remembrance for 100th Time (BBC News)
Today is the centenary of the first two-minute silence, held on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. See how Lloyd’s of London employees marked the occasion last week in this stunning photo.

U.S. Veterans Day: Unforgettable Photos of Americans Returning From War (Washington Post)
Mike Bloomberg tweeted: “Thank you to all the men and women who have served to protect our country.”

Best of late night.

“I saw that for the 2020 Olympics, Toyota is launching new driverless taxis, but they still will have a driver inside the car. It’s perfect for anyone who wants their driver to solely focus on forced conversation.”
Jimmy Fallon

“Papa John’s pizza is introducing a new crust, for the first time in 35 years, that’s garlic parmesan. Really? Just the crust? That’s like Spirit Airlines announcing they’ve removed all the ashtrays from their armrests.”
Jimmy Fallon

Best of Satire: Mike Bloomberg Offers Trump Ten Billion Dollars to Leave White House by End of Day (The Borowitz Report)
The former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg upended the 2020 Presidential race on Friday by offering Donald J. Trump ten billion dollars to leave the White House by the end of the day.

“I will deposit ten billion dollars into your account in Moscow, Riyadh, or wherever you do your banking these days,” Bloomberg announced. “All you have to do is go.”

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