Monday, November 4

ByKevin Sheekey

China Reviews Xi Jinping’s Options to Visit U.S. to Ink Trump Trade Deal (Bloomberg)

China is reviewing locations in the U.S. where President Xi Jinping would be willing to meet with President Donald Trump to sign the first phase of a trade deal between the world’s two largest economies, people familiar with the plans said.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Monday met a U.S. delegation that included National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien and U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at a regional summit Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Bangkok.

India Exits China-Backed Trade Deal as 15 Nations Ready to Sign (Bloomberg)

India pulled out of a trade pact covering much of Asia, paving the way for 15 other countries to sign the China-backed regional trade deal next year.

Emmanuel Macron’s China Visit Underscores Economic Tensions (Associated Press)

Today in Climate News.

E.P.A. to Roll Back Rules to Control Toxic Ash from Coal Plants (New York Times)

Climate Change: Spain Offers to Host COP25 in Madrid (BBC)

Just a day after the President of Chile said his country could no longer hold the world’s annual climate conference, Spain has offered to host COP25 in Madrid.

One Year Until 2020 Presidential Election.

2020 Poll Watch: Biden Leads Democratic Nomination Race, Tops Trump by 12 Points in Match Up (Fox News)

Democratic Primary Poll – National:
Biden 31
Warren 21
Sanders 19
Buttigieg 7

In a head-to-head match up with Trump:

Biden 51 – Trump 39
Sanders 49 – Trump 41
Warren 46 – Trump 41
Buttigieg 41 – Trump 41

One Year From Election, Trump Trails Biden but Leads Warren in Battlegrounds (New York Times)

Today in Financial News.

Today in Technology.

Dining Section.

How a Food Critic Plots his Pans (New York Times)

New York Times food critic Pete Wells explains how he famously gave the Peter Luger Steak House, an iconic restaurant in New York, zero stars in a review published last Tuesday.

Best of late night.

On a woman who stood on a ship’s railing for a selfie who is now barred for life from a cruise line.

“Do you know how out of control you have to be to get banned from a cruise? That’s a vacation for people who are already on the no fly list.”
–Stephen Colbert

“A new poll came out and found that 70% of millennials said they would vote for a socialist. Ladies and gentlemen, can you believe that? Millennials said they would vote! It blew me away.”
— Conan O’Brien

On Rudy Giuliani having to go to the Apple Store for help unlocking his iPhone, which wouldn’t open after he entered the wrong password at least 10 times.

“Of course Giuliani’s iPhone wouldn’t unlock, because even Apple’s Face ID couldn’t recognize the man Rudy has become.”
— Colin Jost, Weekend Update, SNL

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