Monday, October 16

ByKevin Sheekey

Wasn’t Maria older than this in the Sound of Music?  Austria’s next leader may be the 31 year old Sebastian Kurz. The Meteoric Rise of Sebastian Kurz (Der Spiegel)

The New York Times reports on Stan Druckenmiller uniting donors for social change. The piece also highlights Mike Bloomberg’s approach when he decided to ban smoking in restaurants and bars early in his first term and applied it later to his campaigns against trans fats and sugar. Linking Donors with the Doers of Social Change (New York Times)

The Sony hack could look small in comparison: North Korea has quietly developed a cyberprogram that is stealing hundreds of millions of dollars and proving capable of unleashing global havoc. North Korea Deploys Hackers Bent on Chaos (New York Times)

The US Department of Justice targeted RT and Sputnik, and now: Russia Threatens to Hit Back Against US Media for Restrictions (Bloomberg)

Facebook wants help in spotting future election meddling and plans to hire people with access to classified information. Facebook Said to Seek Staff with National Security Clearance (Bloomberg)

Chinese traders’ use of WeChat is raising questions about record keeping and market transparency. In China, Trading Begins on WeChat (Bloomberg)

Most Emailed on the Terminal:  
London House Prices Fall Most Since Financial Crisis (Bloomberg)

Larry Flynt took out a full page ad in yesterday’s Washington Post offering $10 million ‘for information leading to the impeachment and removal from office of Donald J. Trump.’  Have Dirt That Could Impeach Trump?  Larry Flynt Will Pay You $10 Million (Washington Post)

Kevin Spacey has been weaponized: The Russians who worked for a notorious St. Petersburg ‘troll factory’ that was part of Vladimir Putin’s campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election were required to watch the ‘House of Cards’ television series to help them craft messages to ‘set up the Americans against their own government.’  Russian Trolls were Schooled on House of Cards (Yahoo News)

Tweet of the day:

@MikeBloomberg: 50% of US coal plants have announced their retirement, speaking volumes about who is winning the war on coal  

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