Monday, October 9

ByKevin Sheekey

In a Twitter war that broke out over the weekend, the influential head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee says Trump is treating his presidency like a reality show. Trump Risks Inciting ‘World War III,’ GOP Senator Says (New York Times)

Speaking of escalating quickly, this war appears to have been won by the good guys.  Citing Scandal, Studio’s Board Fires Weinstein (New York Times)

In a bid to lure business from London after Brexit, Deutsche Boerse’s clearinghouse has a plan that is receiving interest from JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley. Deutsche Boerse Plans Revenue-Share Deal to Lure Brexit Clearing (Bloomberg)

The real story: Bloomberg’s Enterprise IB chat serves the purpose of making Bloomberg technology a more integral component of Terminal users’ lives. No, Bloomberg is Not Unbundling its Chat Service (Valuewalk)

Most E-mailed on the Bloomberg Terminal (Last 24 Hours): 
Deutsche Bank Has a Plan to Ease Fund Managers’ MiFID Start (Bloomberg)

As Disney finds itself in the middle of culture wars that have broken out over President Trump’s approach to numerous issues, Bob Iger is emerging as a credible contender in the 2020 presidential speculation game. For Disney Chief Robert Iger, An Unlikely Political Turn  (New York Times)

Daily News editorial:  “According to a new study, New York City rodents may be genetically evolving from eating pizza scraps and other fatty food common on our streets and parks. Where’s Mike Bloomberg when you need him?”  Let Them Eat Ratatouille (New York Daily News)

Tweet of the day:

@SenBobCorker It’s a shame the White House has become an adult day care center.  Someone obviously missed their shift this morning.  

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