Monday, September 18

ByKevin Sheekey

Most Read (and Emailed) on the Terminal (Last 24 Hours): 
Ray Dalio Says He’s Ready to Give Away Bridgewater’s Secrets (Bloomberg)

As UN week begins in New York, French President Emmanuel Macron will continue to re-establish France’s traditional postwar position as a serious player. Macron Wants to Remind the World France is a Nuclear Power Too (Bloomberg)

UK police have arrested a man thought to be from Syria and reportedly lived with another arrested man in a foster home in Stanwell. Parsons Green tube attack: Arrested man named as Yahyah Farroukh (Guardian)

After revelations of fake news and paid Russian propaganda on Facebook, big tech is becoming a target. One Big Thing: Both Parties to Move Against Facebook (Axios)

The Economist profiles the developed world’s most powerful trustbuster – Margrethe Vestager. Vestager vs the Valley (Economist)

In case you missed it, Mike Bloomberg was on NBC’s Meet the Press yesterday to talk about the devastation in the US Virgin Islands. After Hurricane Irma, Bloomberg Heads to USVI to Raise Awareness (NBC News)

Tweet of the day:

@MavisAmundson: Mayor Bloomberg, thank you for being there (in USVI).  Great to see you in shirt sleeves while the president tweets insults from a New Jersey resort.  

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