Monday, September 30

ByKevin Sheekey

Boris Johnson Battles Sex Allegations as Brexit Opponents Plot (Bloomberg)

Boris Johnson hoped to use his Conservative Party’s annual convention to launch his campaign to win the next British general election. Instead, he is fighting for his credibility as prime minister as he faces allegations of sexual impropriety and plots to oust him.

Analysis: With a Month to Go, Here’s How the EU Rates Brexit Deal Chances (Bloomberg)

Impeachment Watch.

Today in Financial News.

China Vows to Continue Opening Financial Markets (Bloomberg)

Trump Officials Play Down Reports of China Investment Limits (Bloomberg)

The Trump administration has issued a partial — and qualified — denial to the revelation that it is discussing imposing limits on U.S. investments in Chinese companies and financial markets as China vowed to continue opening its markets to foreign investment.

Chicken-and-Egg Problem: Chinese Bonds in Western Indexes (Wall Street Journal)
FTSE Russell’s decision against adding Chinese government bonds to its key benchmarks reveals a dilemma.

Policy makers in Beijing won’t be too distraught: JPMorgan Chase & Co. plans to add the bonds to its indexes, and Bloomberg LP began adding them to its own earlier this year.

From the Bloomberg Global Business Forum.

Watch: Mike Bloomberg Discusses the Global Business Forum in New York (PBS Firing Line)

In an interview that aired over the weekend, Michael Bloomberg joined host Margaret Hoover from the Bloomberg Global Business Forum to talk about two of his signature issues, gun safety and climate change, and explained how he sees businesses working alongside government to address global threats.

A Feel-Good Story From The Bloomberg Global Business Forum (Axios World)

Colombian President Iván Duque shared a stage with Bill Clinton and became emotional as he told the former president how much Plan Colombia — a U.S. aid program signed into law by Clinton in 2000 — meant to his country. Clinton said his foundation would be investing in the area of Colombia hit hardest by the Venezuelan refugee crisis.

Climate Update.

Rocket News.

Arts Section.

Best of late night.

“Disney announced that its theme park will start selling vegan food options. Finally, something at Disney where there won’t be a line.”
— Michael Che, Weekend Update, SNL

“A new airport has opened in China that has the world’s largest terminal that can handle 72 million passengers a year. Not to be outdone, officials in Newark just slid a coaster under a corner to keep the airport from wobbling.”
— Colin Jost, Weekend Update, SNL

Watch: SNL did a “Democratic Impeachment Debate” featuring Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden, Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren, Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris and Larry David returned as Bernie Sanders.

Finally, Shana Tovah to our readers marking Rosh Hashanah.

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