Monday, September 9

ByKevin Sheekey

Fundraising by Environmental Groups Spikes Under Trump (Axios)

In addition to big donations from deep-pocketed institutional donors like Bloomberg Philanthropies, individuals are also changing how they give. Between 2015 and 2017, donations to 10 of America’s most influential environmental groups increased between 20% and 149%.

Oceana’s 149% increase was by far the biggest. Its CEO, Andy Sharpless, says its fundraising jumped partly because of its campaign to stop the Trump administration’s plans to expand offshore oil drilling, and also because of big donations by Bloomberg Philanthropies and the Wyss Foundation to expand ocean conservation efforts around the world.

Travel Alert: British Airways Grounds Nearly All Flights Over Pilot Strike (Bloomberg)

Economy Watch.

The Art of No Deal.

Afghanistan Is Latest Dud for Dealmaker Trump (Bloomberg Politics Balance of Power newsletter)

Trump’s love of grand personal gestures has fallen short with North Korea, China, the Middle East, and now Afghanistan. Just over a year before he seeks re-election, the self-declared master dealmaker is still looking for a breakthrough.

Trump Backs Down, Again and Again (New York Times – Michelle Cottle)

The Backstory of Trump’s Sharpie and Twitter (Washington Post)

When Trump started using Twitter, he didn’t post the tweets himself. He’d write them down in Sharpie on a piece of paper, and a 20-something staffer named Justin McConney would type them up. Eventually, Trump got an Android phone and started typing his own tweets one night in February 2013.

“The moment I found out Trump could tweet himself was comparable to the moment in ‘Jurassic Park’ when Dr. Grant realized that velociraptors could open doors,” McConney told Politico last year. “I was like, ‘Oh no.’”

Russia elections.

Putin Opponents Claim Moscow Win as Kremlin Sweeps Regions (Bloomberg)

A pro-democracy bloc won control of councils in several districts of the Russian capital. While the bodies have limited power, they’d been targeted by Kremlin opponents who’ve been largely blocked from participating in higher-profile races.

Today in Financial News.

Today in Gun Safety.

Texas Republican Defies NRA on Background Checks (New York Times)

“Look, the political ground is shifting,” said John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety. “It’s time for the Senate to get the memo. The truth is the N.R.A. has never been weaker. What you’re seeing is elected officials, many of whom were closely aligned with the N.R.A., turning their back on the N.R.A. and choosing to be with the public rather than the gun lobby.”

Editorial: Walmart Moves on Guns. Politicians, Take Note. (Bloomberg Opinion)

Momentum toward meaningful regulation, on background checks and more, is building. CVS, Kroger, Walgreens and other retailers have also adjusted their policies. If Walmart and others see the case for changing their minds, politicians ought to pay attention.

Space news.

Health update.

What You Need to Know About Vaping-Related Lung Illness (New York Times)

Coughing, fatigue and shortness of breath are warning signs for anyone who has vaped within the last 90 days.

Books section.

12 Books on Business and Journalism to Add to Your Fall Reading List (Fortune)

Ranking #2 on Fortune’s list: The Many Lives of Michael Bloomberg, by Eleanor Randolph (Simon & Schuster). Author Eleanor Randolph “studies the tycoon in a number of roles he has filled, including (but not limited to) businessman, trailblazer, politician, philanthropist, and (more recently) activist.”

The book hits bookstores tomorrow, or pre-order here.

Best of late night.

“With the start of the new NFL season, one of the big trends this year is healthier foods at the stadium. Yeah, the Dallas Cowboys are now selling quinoa salads and mushroom burgers. If you’re interested, look for the concession stand with no one in line.”
— Jimmy Fallon

On a female airport security worker in Rochester, New York being fired after passing a note to a male traveler in the security line that read “you ugly!”:

“In her defense, when you’re at the airport, they’re constantly telling you: If you see something, say something”
— James Corden

“The traveler was furious. He said if he wanted to be insulted and treated with a complete lack of dignity, he’d have flown Spirit Airlines.”
— James Corden

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