Thursday, August 2

ByKevin Sheekey

Readership Spikes on the Bloomberg Terminal (Last 5 Hours):
-China Says It’s Ready to Retaliate on Latest U.S. Tariff Threat (Bloomberg)
-Stephanie Cohen Joins Goldman’s Most Elite Tier, as Its Youngest Banker (Bloomberg)
From NI READSPIKE on the terminal.

Washington Today:
-As Midterm Elections Approach, Growing Concern that Nation is Not Protected from Russian Interference
(Washington Post)
-Senate Republicans Shoot Down Extra Funds for Election Security (Washington Post)
-Record Number of Democratic Challengers Outraising GOP Opponents (Bloomberg Businessweek)
-Top Democrats: Trump Tweet Telling Sessions to End Mueller Probe was Obstruction of Justice (The Hill)

Bank Earnings Today: Barclays `Running Free’ as CEO Staley Lauds Surge in Trading (Bloomberg)

Most Read on the Bloomberg Terminal:
Free Fidelity Funds Stoke Price War in Bid to Catch Index Giants (Bloomberg)

Big News in Tech Compensation: Tech Firms Surrender Their Crucial Billion-Dollar Tax Deductions as Court Ruling Blocks Write-off for Stock Compensation Cost (Bloomberg)

News at Bloomberg: Largest Asset Manager in China Adopts Bloomberg Buy-Side Solutions (Bloomberg press release)

Bloomberg Businessweek Cover Story: Starwood Superfans Fear Marriott Mediocrity in the World’s Largest Hospitality Merger

Quote of the Day: “The President’s daily feeding of the outrage machine allows us to get work done on the agency level that would invite much more scrutiny in a ‘normal’ administration … Cable news anchors spend hours and hours of airtime dissecting the latest Trump tweet, yet they barely notice when we achieve long-sought conservative policy goals,” a former senior U.S. Health and Human Services official tells Axios. Trump’s Stealth Attack on Obama’s Legacy (Axios)

Headlines from around the world.

Best of late night.

“Facebook and Instagram today rolled out new features that will allow you to put a time limit on how much you use Facebook and Instagram. The way it works is, you set a limit for yourself and when you hit that limit you get an alert. And then you ignore it, and you keep going.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

“According to a survey they just did, Americans check their phones an average of 47 times a day — more, if you’re president.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

For more best of late night from the New York Times, including Samantha Bee pushing back against 3-D guns, click here.

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