Thursday, August 23

ByKevin Sheekey

Trump Predicts Stock Market Crash If He’s Impeached
In a Fox News interview that aired this morning, Trump says he’s ‘done a great job’ and shouldn’t be removed. “I think everybody would be very poor” if impeached, Trump says in interview. (Bloomberg)

Hot on the Bloomberg:
Trump Bravado Faces New Test as Cohen Plea Opens Two-Front War
(Most Read on the Bloomberg – Last Hour)

Fox News Poll: Robert Mueller Approval Rating Jumps 11 Points (The Hill)

Lone Holdout on Manafort Jury Blocked Conviction on All Counts, Juror Says (Washington Post)

Trump Mocks Cohen, Trying to Shrug Off Fallout From Fixer’s Plea (Bloomberg)
The tweet: “If anyone is looking for a good lawyer, I would strongly suggest that you don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!”

Cable TV Blowout: MSNBC Trounces Fox News in Ratings on Manafort-Cohen Day, Knocking Hannity to Third as Maddow Pulls 3.8M Viewers (Mediaite)

Trump’s New Pollution Rules Still Won’t Save the Coal Industry (New York Times)

New York Times Editorial: Congress, Do Your Job
Flashback: Mike Bloomberg: Why I’m Supporting the Democrats in the Midterms (Bloomberg Opinion)

Headlines from around the world.

Best of late night.

From Conan O’Brien’s opening monologue last night on legal troubles for President Trump’s former attorney and campaign manager:

“People in the White House say that the President is being affected by this. It is being reported today by White House “insiders” that President Trump feels like the walls are closing in. When they heard this, Mexico stepped up and offered to help pay for those walls.”

“He had a big rally in West Virginia. During the rally President Trump rarely spoke about the legal cases, barely even mentioned them. Instead all he talked about was his Space Force. It’s starting to become pretty clear why Trump is so interested in a quick exit from the Earth.”

“Omarosa is weighing in on the President’s troubles, because we need to know what Omarosa is saying. In an interview yesterday, Omarosa said that the Michael Cohen plea deal is ‘the beginning of the end’ for President Trump. In response, Trump said ‘It is not. It is the middle of the end! Wait until you see the end!’”

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