Thursday, August 30

ByKevin Sheekey

Good Morning Baltimore: What Mike Bloomberg told Baltimore Business Owners (Baltimore Business Journal)
Mike Bloomberg shared some of his success strategies with a group of small business owners in Baltimore on Wednesday, visiting local shops and meeting with graduates of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program.

Last year, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded Baltimore up to $500,000 annually for three years as part of its Innovation Teams program. The Baltimore Innovation Team, along with other grant money from Bloomberg Philanthropies, has gone toward purchasing technology and operating support for the city’s police department.

Mike Baltimore

Mike Bloomberg tweeted: Glad to meet with alumni from @10KSB_Baltimore today. Every day is an opportunity to grow when you’re leading a small business, and with the support of this program, these entrepreneurs are helping to build a strong future for this city and our country.

Hot on the Bloomberg (Most read story – last hour):
BlackRock’s Decade: How the Crash Forged a $6.3 Trillion Giant

Not Again!: Why U.S.-North Korea Nuclear Talks Have Stalled: Kim Jong-Un Has Agreed to Little (Bloomberg)

‘Winter is Coming’: Allies Fear Trump Isn’t Prepared for Gathering Legal Storm (Washington Post)

Bloomberg to Headline Democratic Fundraiser in Pennsylvania
Former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski recently said Bloomberg would be the president’s strongest challenger if he were the Democratic nominee, saying it’s because he’s a job creator, has widespread name recognition, boundless money and isn’t saddled with Washington baggage. (New York Post)

Bloomberg Moves New Economy Forum from China to Singapore (The Business Times)

The 5 Most Intense Moments From the Cynthia Nixon-Andrew Cuomo Debate Last Night (New York magazine)
In a July profile in the New York Times, Nixon said she wouldn’t be running if Michael Bloomberg was governor. She got the chance to elaborate on it during tonight’s debate. As Cuomo was talking about how Bloomberg is responsible for the Republican senate, he pointed out Nixon’s previous comments. She immediately cut in with: “I did not say I would support him for governor, I said I would not run against him because he is not corrupt like you are.” Audible woahhhs from the crowd followed.

How John McCain Got the Last Word Against Trump by Carefully Stage-Managing a Four-Day Celebration of His Life (New York Times)

McCain’s 2008 Running Mate Sarah Palin Is Not Invited to His Funeral (

Arriving Soon: Fly to Sydney Non-Stop from New York or London: The 20-Hour Flight Is Coming – And It May Have a Gym and Sleeping Bunks (Bloomberg)

Headlines from around the world.

Best of late night.

From Conan O’Brien’s opening monologue last night.

“A new study just came out, and claims that no amount of alcohol is good for you. In response, Americans said ‘do we look like we want what’s good for us? Do we look like we care?’”

“Yesterday President Trump said Google is biased against him. He said for example, when I Google ‘Trump’, ‘Crime boss’ and ‘Impeachment’, it brings up results for Trump, Crime Boss and Impeachment! He expects loyalty from algorythms.”

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