Thursday, August 8

ByKevin Sheekey

New Report: Climate Change Threatens the World’s Food Supply, United Nations Warns (New York Times)

Today in Gun Safety:

Gun Policy Activists Organize Des Moines Forum Following Mass Shootings; Democratic Presidential Candidates will Attend (Des Moines Register)

The event was organized by Mike Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, Moms Demand Action and Students Demand Action, groups advocating for gun regulation after previous mass shootings throughout the country.​

We’ve Seen This Before: NRA Warns Trump After He Signals He’s Open to Extensive Background Checks (Washington Post)

Reality Check: 91 Percent of U.S. Voters Support Background Checks; Most Republicans Support Assault Weapons Ban – Poll (Politico)

The poll found that nearly 70 percent of all U.S. voters would back an assault weapon ban.

Voters almost unanimously want mandatory universal background checks on gun purchasers. More than 91 percent support requiring background checks for all gun sales. Only 5 percent of voters oppose background checks.

2020 Poll Watch: Don’t Assume Trump’s Approval Rating Can’t Climb Higher. It Already Has. (New York Times)

Good News for Trump: Millions of Americans who did not like the president in 2016 now say they do.

Millions of women (and many men) are at a crossroads: SoulCycle, Equinox Face Backlash over Trump Fundraiser in Hamptons Hosted by Owner Stephen Ross (Washington Post)

Tweet of the Day.

By New York Times columnist @NickKristof: “Congrats to the wise and measured @TimOBrien for winning the Donald J. Trump award for distinguished analysis.”

Financial news.

Currencies Today: China Sets Yuan Fixing Stronger Than Expected, Soothing Nerves (Bloomberg)

Markets Today: China Plans Biggest Futures Market Overhaul Since 2015 Clampdown (Bloomberg)

It’s an overhaul that would give global investors unprecedented access, make it easier to execute bearish trades, and lay the groundwork for wagers on stock-market volatility.

Iowa State Fair section.

The Iowa State Fair begins today and attracts a staggering one million visitors to Des Moines, Iowa. This year, 24 Democratic presidential candidates will attend for what Iowa Democratic adviser Matt Paul calls the “ultimate political stop for any candidate seeking the presidency.”

In addition to the world-famous ‘Butter Cow’ and something I’ve always wanted to witness in person, Mutton Busting, the State Fair is known for fun, music, and interesting and delicious food. (What’s Mutton Busting? Watch here.)

Each year, a list of new culinary adventures from sweet to salty, to strange and tasty are announced. There is too much to list but here is a taste of 65 delectables you can get … on a stick:

Apple Pie On A Stick
Bacon Cheddar Cheese On A Stick
Bacon Wrapped Deep Fried Italian Sausage On A Stick
Bacon Wrapped Riblet
Bologna On A Stick
Breakfast Sausage In A Waffle On A Stick
Brownie Deep Fried, On A Stick
Caprese Salad On A Stick
Caramel Dipped Pecan Pie On A Stick
Carmel Apple
Cheese On A Stick
Cheese-On A Stick (Mozzarella, Cheddar, Jalapenos)
Cherry Pie (Deep Fried, On A Stick)
Chicken Corn Dog
Chicken In A Waffle On A Stick
Chicken-Cajun, On A Stick
Chocolate Covered Key Lime On A Stick
Chocolate Covered New York Cheesecake On A Stick
Combo Meal-Sandwich Or Shrimp Corn Dog, Fries And A Drink
Cookie Dough In A Waffle On A Stick
Corn Brats On A Stick
Corn Brats-(Cheddar) On A Stick
Corn Brats-(Spicy) On A Stick
Corn Brats-(Stadium) On A Stick
Corn Dog
Cotton Candy
Crazy Tater On A Stick
Crazy Tater On A Stick W/ Cheese And Chili
Crazy Tater On A Stick W/ Cheese Or Chili
Deep Fried Sweet Corn – Corn Dog
Deep Fried Twinkies
Double Bacon Wrapped Corn Dog
Dutch Letters
Frisalino On A Stick
Fruit Kabob – Peach, Strawberry, Grapes, Pineapple, Topped With Chocolate & Nuts
Fruit Kabob-Strawberries, Pineapple & Peaches Deep Fried On A Stick
Fruit On A Stick
Funnel Cake On A Stick
Grilled Turkey Tenderloin
Hot Dog
Ice Cream On A Stick
Jalapeno Corn Dog
Jumbo Plumper Footlong Corn Dog
Loaded Tators On A Stick
Mexican Grilled Corn On The Cob
Milky In A Waffle On A Stick
Monkey Tail
Mushrooms On A Stick
Peanut Butter And Jelly On A Stick
Pecan Pie (Deep Fried, On A Stick, Topped With Caramel & Bacon Bits)
Pickle On A Stick
Polish Sausage Corn Dog
Popcorn Balls On A Stick
Popcorn Balls On A Stick With M&Ms
Pork Belly On A Stick
Pork Chop On A Stick
Pork On A Stick (3)
Pretzel-Soft, Salted, Almonds, Dipped In Chocolate On A Stick
Salad On A Stick
Sausage-Lamb, On A Stick
Shrimp Corn Dog
Slopper, Footlong Hot Dog With Corn Chips, Chili And Cheese Sauce
Small Corn Dog
Smoothie On A Stick
Snickers In A Waffle On A Stick
Sweet Brat With Maple Syrup On A Stick
Tater Dog, On A Stick
Veggie Corn Dog

Best of Late Night.

“There are rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have banned their neighbors from talking to them. Apparently their neighbors aren’t even allowed to say good morning. Right now, you’re thinking ‘that’s rude.’ But you’re also a little bit jealous.”
— Jimmy Fallon

On Uber and Lyft causing increased traffic congestion in many cities:

“This is partly because so many cars drive around empty. Also, because they go around the block four times even though I put in the exact address!”
— Trevor Noah

On polls showing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is polling lower than 1% in the Democratic presidential primary:

“To give you an idea of how bad that is, that’s polling lower than Kale. And he’s polling lower than that squirt of water that comes out of your ketchup bottle.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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