Thursday, August 9

ByKevin Sheekey

Should the UK just make George Osborne Prime Minister and call it a day?

London’s Evening Standard: Boris Johnson’s Lost Liberalism is a Test for Tory Future
“Where once Johnson shared public platforms with US liberal conservatives like Mike Bloomberg, he now seeks out the private company of the Steve Bannons of this world.” 

The Walls are Closing In on Jeremy Corbyn: Labour Leader Faces Split in the Party if Anti-Semitism Crisis Not Resolved (Politico London Playbook)

Clare Lombardelli: The Woman Who Will Decide If Brexit Is Good for British Business (Bloomberg)

And Turning to U.S. Politics:

Not That Helpful: Lackluster Election Results Spark Debate Over Trump’s Midterm Role (Washington Post – Bob Costa)

Corruption Election: Handed to Democrats on a Silver Platter (Politico Playbook)

Not Beyond Coal: Trump Officials Helped Edit ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Report to Boost Coal (Bloomberg)

Peter Grauer: Why Investors Should Diversify More Than Just Their Assets (Investment News)
Corporations with the most ethnically and culturally diverse boards are more likely to gain higher profits, Bloomberg chairman writes.

For Your Radar: Bloomberg co-founder Tom Secunda will join President Bill Clinton and U.S. Virgin Islands Governor Kenneth Mapp and representatives from Expedia to make several announcements related to recovery and sustainability in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Real Estate Section: NYC Area’s Tax-Reform Refugees Fuel Luxury-Home Boom in Florida (Bloomberg)

Coming to America: ‘Love Island’ Headed to the U.S. on CBS (Hollywood Reporter) Now Americans will understand the British obsession.

Headlines from around the world.

Best of late night.

On “Full Frontal” Wednesday, Samantha Bee pointed to a damning Business Insider report that quoted hostile text messages purportedly to former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort from his own daughter.

“Leaked messages from his own daughter said he has ‘no moral or legal compass,’ has ‘killed people in Ukraine,’ and even referred to him as ‘a sick [expletive] tyrant.’ And that was all in his Father’s Day card.”
— Samantha Bee

The Oscars on Wednesday announced adding a category for “best popular film.”

“I guess someone over there had an idea. They said, ‘What if we honored some movies that people have actually seen?’ And everybody went, ‘Yeah, that’s great, we should do that.’”
— Jimmy Kimmel

“This is exciting. You know what this means? One day we may very well hear the words, ‘And the Oscar goes to: “The Fast and the Furious 18: Never Stop Fasting, Never Stop Furiousing.”’”
— Jimmy Kimmel

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