Thursday, July 18

ByKevin Sheekey

Trump’s ‘Rally of Hate’ Previews the 2020 Presidential Contest

Plus, FaceApp Raises Security and Privacy Concerns


We’ve reached yet another new low in American politics:

Rally of Hate: Trump’s North Carolina Rally Raises New Concerns of Intolerance (Washington Post)
As thousands chanted “Send her back!” at a campaign rally Wednesday night in Greenville, N.C., the president paused to let it amplify. Some raised campaign signs or fists to the rhythm of the crowd as they yelled. Some only murmured along. A few were children, following the lead of the adults sitting in front-row seats behind President Trump advocating for deporting Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), an American citizen and refugee, to Somalia, where she was born.

Prepare for More: Trump Leans on Issue of Race in Bid for a 2nd Term in 2020 (Associated Press)
Not since George Wallace’s campaign in 1968 has a presidential candidate — and certainly not an incumbent president — put racial polarization at the center of his call to voters. Though Trump’s comments generated outrage and even a resolution of condemnation in the House, the president and his campaign believe the strategy carries far more benefits than risks.

From Axios AM: @MerriamWebster tweeted last night:
“Tonight’s top searches, in order: racism, socialism, fascism, concentration camp, xenophobia, bigot”

Analysis: The GOP’s Demographic Decay (Axios)
President Trump’s short-term calculation to stir up white voters with race-baiting rhetoric might very well echo for a generation. But America, as a whole, and swing states, in particular, are growing more diverse, more quickly. There is no way Republicans can change birth rates or curb this trend — and there’s not a single demographic megatrend that favors Republicans.

From the Sheekey Daily Inbox:
“Just curious why no positive comments are posted about Trump? Stock market reached a new high. Economy good. Employment good. He respects and doing everything he can for military. Finally went head to head with China; not allowing any other countries to use USA. Met with country leaders. Putin and Kim most likely afraid of him. Protecting America from migrants crossing our Border illegally. He is not prejudice. Many people feel these women are making fools out of themselves. Democrats don’t even know who to vote for! Mike should have run for President in 2016! Thanks for listening.” — Sheekey Daily reader

Opinion Must Read of the Day: ‘Trump’s Going to Get Re-elected, Isn’t He?’ (New York Times – Thomas Friedman)
To win back the White House, Friedman thinks Democrats should follow the example of Gov. Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island who just won her second term in 2018. He writes: “Democrats should focus on how we create sustainable wealth and good jobs, which is the American public-private partnership model: Government enriches the soil and entrepreneurs grow the companies.” ​

News from Hindsight 2020 Daily Read: Democratic Debates (Hindsight 2020)
We have our 20 candidates for the second DNC debate in Detroit, MI on July 30th and July 31st. The lineup will match the first debate, except that Montana Governor Steve Bullock will take the place of California Congressman Eric Swalwell now that the California congressman has abandoned his presidential bid.

The DNC will officially invite candidates to participate in the second debate today and tomorrow, CNN will host the live drawing to determine the night one and night two line-up.

For many it may be their last time on the debate stage. By our count, 5 candidates have qualified thus far for debates three and four. Sign up for Hindsight 2020 here.

Today in Tech: Privacy and Security Experts Warn Users of FaceApp ‘Aging App’ (USA Today)
Some security and privacy experts have expressed concerns that users granting the St. Petersburg, Russia-based FaceApp access to photos on their smartphones is a grand giveaway of privacy and personal information.

Bank Earnings Today: Morgan Stanley Posts Steepest Trading Slide on Wall Street (Bloomberg)

Today in Global Health: How the World Overcame Earlier Ebola Outbreaks: It Depended More on People than Medical Advances (New York Times)
The outbreak in Congo, which began in August 2018, has infected more than 2,300 people and killed more than 1,500. It was declared a Global Health Emergency by the World Health Organization yesterday.

Winning Formula: Latin America’s War on Obesity Could be a Model for the U.S. (Washington Post)
Mexico, Chile and Brazil are making a strong push to stop bad habits from taking hold in early childhood.

“Brazil’s guidelines are simple but radical…Choose whole, minimally processed foods, cook those foods yourself, and eat those foods with other people,” said Neena Prasad, of Bloomberg Philanthropies, which has funded and provided technical assistance for obesity prevention programs in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

In Photos – Dinner Disaster in NYC’s Battery Park: Thunderstorm Brings the Annual ‘Diner en Blanc’ to a Dramatic End (Evening Standard)

Interactive Story of the Day: How Notre-Dame Was Saved. It Came Far Closer to Collapsing Than People Knew. (New York Times)

Best of late night.

On FaceApp which has raised privacy concerns after the app went viral:

“FaceApp, the app that lets users see themselves as old people and the reason why your Instagram now looks like Tinder at a nursing home.”
— Trevor Noah

“It makes sense that Russians built an app to make people look older than they are, because that’s basically what living in Russia does to everybody.”
–Trevor Noah

“If you want to see what you’ll look like old, just have children.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

“It does a really good job of showing you how you could look when you’re old. For instance, when we tried it on Bernie Sanders, the system crashed.”
–Trevor Noah

On the U.S. House of Representatives vote to condemn President Trump’s recent statements about four non-white Democratic lawmakers as racist:

“They had a vote. And by the way, there will be another vote on whether the president is a racist November 3, 2020. We’re all invited to vote on that one.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

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