Thursday, June 14

ByKevin Sheekey

Climate Facts Win: Top U.S. Regulators Don’t Back Claim that Grid Faces Emergency (Bloomberg)
In response, Mike Bloomberg tweeted: “Good for them. Administration regulators refuse to back the Administration’s false claim that closing down coal plants is a national security emergency.”

QuickTake: Why Are Disney and Comcast Battling Over Fox and Sky? (From QUICK <GO> on the Bloomberg Terminal)

World Cup Seating Chart Alert: If You’re Afraid of Heights and Going to World Cup, Don’t Sit Here (New York Times)

Headlines from around the world.

Times of India: India and China forming an oil buyers’ club to counter OPEC

Bloomberg Businessweek cover: Investing in North Korea Is Not for the Faint of Heart

The Guardian (UK): Grenfell Tower memorial events mark one year after fire

China Daily: US invents bizarre ‘China-threat’ theory

Best of late night.

From The New York Times:

“This week Trump met with Kim Jun Un… it was weird, but flirtatious enough to warrant a second date.”
— Samantha Bee

“In a recent tweet, Ivanka Trump misattributed a quote from an American newspaper as a Chinese proverb — which is weird, because usually she takes things that are Chinese and passes them off as American.”
— Seth Meyers, showing a collection of handbags produced by Ivanka Trump’s brand

“Tomorrow, Trump turns 72. But he doesn’t tweet a day over 12.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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