Thursday, March 14

ByKevin Sheekey

Mike Bloomberg Takes Fight Against Opioid Crisis to Michigan: Delivers $10M Boost to Michigan Effort Against Opioid Crisis (Detroit Free Press)

Op-ed: Fighting Back Against Michigan’s Opioid Crisis (Detroit News op-ed by Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Mike Bloomberg)
Opioid overdose strikes without prejudice. We’ve both seen this firsthand. From Detroit to Grand Rapids, Staten Island to the Bronx, the epidemic isn’t just at our doorsteps — it’s inside our homes. It’s taking our loved ones at a higher rate than gun violence and car crashes, and it’s ravaging families and communities across our country.

This is a public health crisis — and a full-blown national emergency. We need a response bold enough to stop it…

Our immediate goal is to save the lives of as many Michigan residents as we can. And if we succeed, our work will help create a blueprint for the nation on how to end this crisis once and for all.

Read the full oped here that explains how the effort will help save lives.

Brexit – 15 Days Until We Head Over a Cliff?:
Brexit Heads for Delay as Theresa May Tries to Scare Up Support for Deal, Pound Climbs to Highest Level Since June
Parliament will vote today after 5pm GMT/1pm ET on plan to postpone Brexit until end of June. Follow the vote at TLIV <GO>.

First on the Bloomberg: China, U.S. Said to Push Back Trump-Xi Meeting to at Least April (Bloomberg)

New UN Climate Report Warns: Millions More Could Die Prematurely Without ‘Unprecedented’ Action to Clean Air and Water (Washington Post)

Admissions Cheating Fallout: USC, UCLA and Yale Hit By First Admissions-Scandal Class Action (Bloomberg)

Boeing 737 Max Grounding:
-Pilots Fumed to Boeing Executives About Being Left in Dark on Plane Software
(Washington Post)
-Trump Disparages Boeing 737s, Praises Out-of-Production 757 (Washington Post)
-For Boeing and the FAA, the Damage Is Done (Bloomberg Opinion – Brooke Sutherland)
-Automation’s Blessing and Curse (Axios)

Cover of the Day: Facebook’s Crisis Management Algorithm Runs on Outrage (Bloomberg Businessweek – Sarah Frier)

Editorial: Hudson Yards: Mike Bloomberg’s Huge Legacy for NYC (New York Post)
Hudson Yards opens to the public Friday, giving the city a genuine new neighborhood where once it had only a railroad yard and a few long-empty industrial hulks. Credit for this remarkable achievement goes first to former Mayor Michael Bloom­berg, who pushed through the rezoning that allowed the development and engineered the deal that got the No. 7 subway line extended to bring mass transit to the area.

This is one huge way he did right by the future of New York. Not many mayors have ever left a bigger mark.

Best of late night.

On the U.S. college admissions cheating scandal:

“Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, so your kids can get a diploma from an elite college. Sorry, but I thought that was called tuition.”
— James Corden

“Earlier today, actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin were charged in connection to the scandal and I have to say, I think something like this could really hurt Hollywood’s reputation.”
— James Corden

“It’s the worst thing Felicity Huffman has ever done, and the second worst thing Lori Loughlin has done.” (showing a picture ‘Fuller House’).
— Seth Meyers

On former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s additional prison sentence of 3.5 years and how he may serve 30 months of his two sentences concurrently:

“It might sound impossible to serve two sentences at the same time, but I think Manafort’s up to it — because he served two countries at the same time.”
— Stephen Colbert

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