Thursday, May 2

ByKevin Sheekey

The Miracle of Microsoft: The Greatest Tech Company of the 1990’s is Back! (Bloomberg Businessweek cover)
Under CEO Satya Nadella, the world’s most valuable company has more subscribers than Netflix, more cloud computing revenue than Google, and a near-trillion-dollar market cap.

Escalation in Washington: Trump’s Attorney General a No-Show at House Hearing on Mueller Probe as Democrats Warn of Threat to Democracy (Washington Post)

Venezuela Update: Afraid to Touch Guaido, Maduro Plays Waiting Game in Caracas (Bloomberg)
For the unpopular Maduro, boxed in by U.S. sanctions and aware more could come down, giving Guaido room to maneuver makes sense. The longer Guaido and his allies strive and fail to turn frustration into full-blown rebellion, the better the regime’s chances it will stay in power.

Hot Headlines on the Bloomberg:
-Ray Dalio: Something Like Modern Monetary Theory Is Coming, Whether We Like It Or Not (Bloomberg)
-Deutsche Bank Said to Have Virtually No New Plan for What’s Next (Bloomberg)
-BNP Paribas Bucks Fixed-Income Trading Slump With Sharp Rebound (Bloomberg)
-Hedge Funds Resurrect CDO Trade. This Time They Say It Will Work (Bloomberg)

Big Banks Struggling to Get to Grips with Life after Libor (Financial Times – subscription)
Some say the cost of shifting to new borrowing benchmarks could top Brexit.

Theresa May Names Penny Mordaunt UK Defense Secretary (The Guardian)
Mordaunt becomes the UK’s first female defense chief after May fired Gavin Williamson yesterday over the Huawei leak.

Chinese Family Reportedly Paid $6.5 Million for Spot at Stanford (New York Times)

What Amazon Knows About You (Axios)
Depending on how much you shop, watch and read with Amazon, the e-commerce behemoth may know more about you than any other company on earth.

Public Service Announcement: How to Find Out if Your Password Has Been Stolen (PC Magazine)
Several tools will help you figure out if your online accounts have been hacked and if your email addresses and passwords have been stolen.

One I’ve used is called “” Click here and enter your personal email address to check for yourself. Keep in mind that the results don’t necessarily mean your actual email or domain has been hacked, such as It likely means that a website that you used your email address as a login username might have been compromised in some way.

Book News: The Mueller Report Debuts at No. 1 on New York Times Best Seller List (Time)

Climate Changing: The Ocean’s Tallest Waves are Getting Taller (Science Magazine)
The trends could be bad news for coastal communities, which face serious risks from sea level rise and extreme storm events, Young says. If oceanic winds are stronger and waves are taller, storms could be far more damaging.

Best of late night.

“Facebook just made a big announcement: they’re rolling out a new dating feature in the US called “secret crush”, that lets you express a romantic interest in your Facebook connections. Finally, something creepier on Facebook than that cousin we all have who is way too into Disney.”
— James Corden

“Instagram might get rid of likes, because they want users to ‘focus on the photos and the videos.’ While users want Instagram to focus on what it’s really made for: making your friends jealous.”
— Jimmy Fallon

On Tuesday’s U.S. Senate hearings with Trump’s attorney general William Barr:

“People were so upset about [the hearings] that the hashtag ‘impeach Barr’ was trending on Twitter last night. It was everywhere. Twitter hasn’t gone after a Barr like this since Roseanne.”
— James Corden

Best of Satire: Americans Beg Trump for Secret to Staying So Young and Vibrant (The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report)

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