Thursday, October 18

ByKevin Sheekey

Climate of Hope: Mike Bloomberg Names Los Angeles, Portland, San Diego, and San Jose as Winners in Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge (
Four cities join Seattle and Atlanta as six of 20 cities to be awarded with resources and technical support to help achieve their ambitious climate goals.

Read the coverage here, here and the press release on here.

Climate Progress Despite Government: Trump EPA Draws Scorn for Touting Lower Greenhouse-Gas Emissions – Progress Due to U.S. Private Sector, Not Government (Bloomberg)

Mike Bloomberg Has Defied Political Gravity Before (Newsday)

Theresa May Says U.K. Could Extend Brexit Transition to Ease Deadlock (Bloomberg)

Khashoggi Crisis Deepens: Trump’s Soft Stance on Saudi Arabia Widens Rift With Congress (Bloomberg)

The Washington Post today devotes a full page to Jamal Khashoggi’s last column before his disappearance.
Read it here: What the Arab World Needs Most is Free Expression

Stopping Social Media Hate: Facebook `Delighted’ With War Room Response to Brazil Election (Bloomberg)

Travel Section: Why Tented Camps Are Fast Becoming the World’s Best Resorts – From Mexico to Laos (Bloomberg)

Headlines from around the world.

Best of late night.

On President Trump’s recent interview with the Associated Press where he doubted climate science:

“After a year of massive storms causing untold damage, and our glaciers just shrinking in every direction, Trump was still ambivalent on the concept of climate change. He told the reporter, ‘You have scientists on both sides of the issue.’ That is true, there are scientists on both sides. On one side, all the scientists. On the other, one guy who runs a blog called RealTrueAmericanScienceEagle.jesus.”
— Stephen Colbert

“A new study says that beer prices could double because of climate change. Or as the brothers at Sigma Phi Epsilon put it, ‘Climate change just got real.’”
— Stephen Colbert

“Trump said he won’t accept the blame if Republicans do poorly in the midterms. He says winning elections isn’t his responsibility, it’s Vladimir Putin’s.”
— James Corden

For more best of late night from the New York Times, click here.

And finally, our Birthday of the Week: Peter Grauer (on Oct. 17)

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