Thursday, October 19

ByKevin Sheekey

First Look! Bloomberg’s new London HQ is a triumph of green design and a lesson in good manners for future development in the Square Mile.  “Bloomberg HQ is sexy inside and sophisticated all round, evidence of an urban mending culture that should be the norm rather than the rarity that it is.” Why Norman Foster’s Design is a Triumph  (Evening Standard)

In the New York Times, Mike Bloomberg says the debate over Trump’s intentions should not be a distraction from the urgent business of addressing climate change.  “Don’t sit there and waste your time talking about should’ve and would’ve and could’ve,” he said.  “I hope the administration will change their mind and will realize this is a very serious thing, but we can’t sit around.  We have to act for our children and grandchildren.” New Talks on Paris Climate Pact are Set, And That’s Awkward for the US (New York Times)

Today is the deadline for cities to submit proposals for Amazon’s second headquarters.  Here are the 10 cities that have the best shot and why: Amazon’s HQ2 Deadline: Now the Real Competition Begins (Bloomberg)

MiFID is seen to upend the ‘irritating’ analyst vote-begging ritual. Analysts Really, Really Want to be Liked: Stock Researchers at Brokers Scramble to Win Popularity Contests (Bloomberg Businessweek)

The question of how money managers pay for research is upending the financial world.  Here’s a great backgrounder on why you need to know about MiFID and how firms are pricing research. How Do You Put a Price on Investment Research? (Bloomberg QuickTake)

By most measures, China has passed the US and is pulling away. Who Has the World’s #1 Economy?  It’s Not the US (Bloomberg View – Noah Smith)

Trump’s Secretary of State is praising an ’emerging Delhi-Washington strategic partnership’ as an anchor for stability in the region. Tillerson Seeks Closer US-India Ties to Bolster Stability (Bloomberg)

The Battle of the Ages: Karl Rove takes on Steve Bannon in a Wall Street Journal oped today about Bannon’s “motley crew of challengers.”  “One is fresh out of prison.  Another lived in Abu Dhabi until 2010 and is scouting Wyoming real estate and trying to score a local driver’s license, but no one from Abu Dhabi has ever been elected in Wyoming.” Steve Bannon’s Motley Crew of Challengers (Wall Street Journal – Karl Rove)

Tweets of the day:

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@Anne_Hidalgo: This Merci a mon ami @MikeBloomberg, sans qui rien ne serait possible, pour son leadership et son action visionnaire pour le #Climat 

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