Tuesday, August 27

ByKevin Sheekey

Brazil Rejects G-7 Emergency Funds to Fight Amazon Fires; Says Macron Must Apologize Before He Considers Aid (Bloomberg)

The money, part of a G-7 plan to put out the fires and then protect the rainforest, is a threat to Brazil’s sovereignty, President Jair Bolsonaro told reporters on Tuesday.

However, Bolsonaro indicated he’s open to aid, adding that Macron would have to “take back the insults made against me” before any discussion about aid to the Amazon.

Sound familiar?

Bolsonaro’s Disapproval Rating Soars During Amazon Fires (Bloomberg)

2020 Poll Watch: Trump’s Net Approval Rating Sinks in Every Battleground State (Axios)

New 2020 Poll Shows Three-Way Tie Among Sanders, Warren and Biden (New York Times)

Today in Trade: Wary of Trump’s Flip-Flops, China Prepares for Worst on Trade (Bloomberg)

After 24 Hours, China Still Unaware of Calls Mentioned by Trump (Bloomberg)

Farmers’ Frustration With Trump Grows as U.S. Escalates China Fight (New York Times)

Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes First Public Appearance since Completing Cancer Treatment (Washington Post)

NRA in Crisis: Private Jets Ferried Relatives of NRA Chief Executive to Rural Nebraska (Wall Street Journal)

America’s Opioid Crisis.

America’s Opioid Crisis: Johnson & Johnson Shares Rise as Oklahoma Opioid Award Less Than Expected (Bloomberg)

Judge orders $572 million in damages for public nuisance while the state sought $17.5 billion in reimbursement for opioid costs. The judge was appointed in 2013 by then-Republican governor Mary Fallin.

New Hospital Collaboration Will Help Save Even More Lives from Opioid Overdoses (PennLive)

The program is being funded through Bloomberg Philanthropies, providing Pennsylvania hospitals and clinics access to a $35 million fund to support medical efforts to tackle the opioid epidemic.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has committed $50 million in total to address the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania.

Today in Financial News.

Today in Tech.

The War for Talent: Big Tech May Be Losing its Allure for Talented Staff (Financial Times)
Eighty-eight per cent of millennials want to work for companies whose values mirror their own.
Revelations about the role of some tech companies during the Brexit vote and US election presented problems around misinformation, bias, and inequality.

Tech workers are seeing the connection between all these things and wanting to do something about them.

Books section.

How Michael Bloomberg Defended Patti Harris from Chauvinists – Book (New York Post – Page Six)

Michael Bloomberg is Giving Friends a Copy of His New Biography (#9 in Axios AM – Mike Allen)

From ‘The Many Lives of Michael Bloomberg,’ author Eleanor Randolph writes in the final chapter:

“As of this writing, Bloomberg and his political team were still figuring out precisely how they could use his greater wealth to oust Trump, how they could roll back his environmental disasters, and how they could provide the kind of high-tech savvy that Trump’s campaign army was building and the Democrats were trying to match. …

“His philanthropy was unusually pointed and inventive as he became the second most generous billionaire in the country. Now he was ready for another extravagant challenge — to counter some of Washington’s worst political and policy mistakes, even if he had to do it from outside the White House.”

Preorder your copy from Simon & Schuster here.

Best of late night.

In our ill-timed joke of the day, President Trump’s Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue was roundly booed after telling this joke to farmers in southern Minnesota this month. It’s our “ill-timed joke of the day”:

“What do you call two farmers in a basement? A whine cellar.”
— Sonny Perdue, President Trump’s Agriculture Secretary

“Former President Barack Obama has shared his summer reading list. Coming in at number 1: ‘How To Tell Your Friend You’re Not Endorsing Him’.”
— Seth Meyers

“The band Guns n Roses have dropped a copyright lawsuit against a company that was selling a ‘Guns n Rosé beer’, which is good news for the makers of ‘Sweet Child o’ Wine.’”
— Seth Meyers

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