Tuesday, August 7

ByKevin Sheekey

Make Education Great Again: How Bloomberg Philanthropies’ American Talent Initiative Supports U.S. Colleges in Attracting and Graduating Lower-income Students (Washington Post)
The goal? Enroll and graduate 50,000 additional low- and middle-income students per year at high-graduation-rate U.S. colleges and universities by 2025.

Most Read on the Bloomberg Terminal:
-Gary Cohn Is Happy in the Hamptons, Golfing and Crypto Investing
-Britain’s Brexit Billionaire Slams Establishment as Exit Falters (Bloomberg)

Latest from Turkey:
-Turkey’s Cratering Markets Stoke Speculation Over Extreme Measures
-Turkey Replaces Argentina as Worst Market for Bond Investors (Bloomberg)

Saudi Blowback Over Women’s Rights Gives Justin Trudeau a Rare Boost (Bloomberg)

Political Scene: Rhode Island Democrats Haul in Campaign Cash (Providence Journal)
Longtime donor and sometimes-rumored presidential candidate Bloomberg, who has hosted fundraisers for Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo in past years, gave $11,000 to the state committee and $1,000 to Raimondo.

Today in Financial Data: Merrill Lynch Wealth Managers Ditch Thomson Reuters for Factset (Financial Times – subscription)​

Climate Today: Trump Gets Almost Everything About California Wildfires Wrong (Los Angeles Times)

The Silent Treatment: Why Companies Rarely Mention Trump (Axios)

Headlines from around the world.

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Best of late night.

“On Saturday night, [President Trump] spoke at a rally in the auditorium of an Ohio high school. After listening to his speech, the school’s English teacher was like, ‘Be in my office Monday morning.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Over the weekend, Russia announced that actor Steven Seagal has been named a special cultural representative between Russia and the United States. The announcement was released directly to DVD.”
— James Corden

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