Tuesday, February 26

ByKevin Sheekey

Hot on the Bloomberg:
Theresa May Promises Parliament Vote to Delay Brexit if Deal Fails

Editorial: Bring On That Second Brexit Vote – Labour’s Support is Better Late than Never (Bloomberg Opinion)

Tensions Rise: India-Pakistan Rivalry Takes a Dangerous Turn (Bloomberg)
Two of Asia’s fiercest rivals are at it again. India said it launched airstrikes inside Pakistan’s territory today and killed more than 300 at a jihadist training camp. Pakistan, which called it a “grave aggression,” scrambled its jets in response but denied anything major was hit or that there were any casualties.

Progress on Gun Safety: Mike Bloomberg, Considering Presidential Bid, To Visit Nevada After Passage of Gun Background Check Bill (Nevada Independent)
“I think not only is it going to save a lot of lives in Nevada,” Bloomberg said, “but the fact that the people in a Western state, sort of purple state, would vote with their feet going to the ballot box … really sends a message to the rest of the country.”

Former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid Weighs in on the 2020 Democratic Field: They Don’t Need to Talk about Trump (CNN)
Reid takes great pride in being one of the first of Barack Obama’s Senate colleagues to encourage him to run for president.

He told CNN: “I think Mike Bloomberg, who I’ve talked to, I think he has an outstanding chance to really reshape America. Here’s a man who has the resources to help parties. One of the strengths I developed over the years into that was I focused on grassroots in Nevada and build up a tremendously strong political organization in Nevada. He has the resources to do that all over the country. I think he has a lot of potential.”

Anthony Scaramucci: Trump Would Be ‘Quietly Worried’ if Mike Bloomberg Runs for President (CNBC)
Bloomberg has the “mental discipline” to handle possible challenges posed by U.S. President Donald Trump, said the former White House communications director.

Warren Buffett: It Would Be a ‘Real Mistake’ for Schultz to Run for President (CNN)

Today in Washington: Trump’s Ex-Fixer Michael Cohen to Be Grilled by Congress Before Prison – Ready to Accuse Trump of Deceit, Racist Comments (Bloomberg)
Cohen will appear today and Thursday behind closed doors before the Senate and House intelligence committees. The main event for the public will be Wednesday when he testifies in an open session of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

Jon Stewart: What 9/11 Heroes Need from Congress. Make the Victim Compensation Fund Permanent, and Fund It (New York Daily News)
This May, with the support of Mike Bloomberg, Gov. Cuomo and the board members of the 9/11 museum, a new space will be dedicated on the memorial glade in downtown Manhattan to honor those who have become ill and those that have died from 9/11 related illnesses. The space will never bring closure to those who have lost so much and continue to suffer so deeply, but it will recognize the great courage and strength they gave so willingly and the price they continue to pay.

Climate of Hope: India’s Clean Air Program will Help Millions Live Healthier Lives (Hindustan Times)

Hot: UK Sees Warmest February Day on Record at 20C (BBC News)

Cold: Lake Erie Sends A Massive 40-Foot ‘Ice Tsunami’ Crashing Ashore, Prompting Evacuations (Huffington Post)

Nightmare: Nearly 200 Amtrak Passengers Stranded for Over 24 Hours on Oregon Train Due to Snow (USA Today)

Tech Read of the Day: Amazon’s Prime Mistake (Medium post by Collective[i] founder Heidi Messer)
Savings and subsidies weren’t the real reason Amazon chose NYC. Amazon chose NYC for a talent pool that is unparalleled in breadth and depth. New York is one of the few places where diversity is truly celebrated. It is the city that survived a devastating terrorist attack in 2001 and still rejects reactionary policies proposed by national leaders in response. It is the city that has had high-ranking officials in government who represent every race, religion and gender.

No one said it better than Mike Bloomberg — tech entrepreneur, billionaire, subway rider and former NYC mayor: “We’ve shown the world that New York can never be defeated, because of its dynamic and diverse population and because it embodies the spirit of enterprise and the love of liberty. And because no matter who you are, if you believe in yourself and your dream, New York will always be the place for you”.

NYC Reminder: Don’t Forget to Vote!: Today is the special election for New York City’s Public Advocate, the job Letitia James vacated when she became the state attorney general. Polls are open until 9pm at your usual polling location to select from 17 candidates. Read more here.

Best of late night.

On the Oscars:

“Last night were the academy awards. It’s where all the Hollywood stars gather around to celebrate the films that nobody saw.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“There were some interesting winners last night. The Oscar for ‘best animated short’ went to Kim Jong Un.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“There was no host last night, and the show did better! Ratings were up 11 percent. So today, people were saying, ‘Maybe we don’t need a host anymore.’ Do you know what that means to me? Do you know how terrifying that concept is? All last night I was, like, tossing and turning. ‘End of hosts! No host! Hosts gone!’”
— Conan O’Brien

“The Oscars were last night and did not have a host. It went so well, NBC asked to see me after work.”
— Seth Meyers

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