Tuesday, March 26

ByKevin Sheekey

First on the Bloomberg: OxyContin Maker Reaches $270M Settlement Deal in Oklahoma Opioid Case (Bloomberg)

Brexit Latest: (Bloomberg)
-Parliament To Vote on Alternatives to Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Wednesday
-Government Considering Thursday for Vote on May’s Brexit Deal, Only If Chance of Winning

-Parliament Took Control. Now It Needs a Plan (Bloomberg Opinion – Therese Raphael)

We Need More Than a Four Page Press Release – Release the Mueller Report (Bloomberg Opinion – Editorial)

First on the Bloomberg: In Fresh Blow to Boeing, Airbus Secures $35 Billion China Deal (Bloomberg)
The 300-plane order was announced during President Xi Jinping’s Paris visit as President Macron steals Trump’s thunder on trade with China.

About Those North Korea Sanctions: Trump Tried to Undo North Korea Penalty, Contrary to U.S. Account (Bloomberg)
President tweeted that he withdrew North Korea sanctions, then U.S. officials talked Trump out of move and devised a cover story.

Heartland Polling Shows Danger for Trump: Approval Rating Underwater in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin (Axios)

More Gun Violence Fallout: Parkland, Newtown Apparent Suicides Put Spotlight on Survivor’s Guilt (NBC News)
Resources for Survivors: Everytown for Gun Safety publishes a page dedicated to resources and information to help victims of survivors of gun violence. Click here for more information or click here for information from the national suicide prevention helpline.

Climate of Hope: Mike Bloomberg Announces Decarbonization Tracker for Utilities (Smart Energy)
In making the announcement at the BloombergNEF summit, Mike Bloomberg said: “We’ve long known that replacing coal with clean energy is good for our health, but increasingly, it’s good for our pocketbooks, too. The trouble is: we don’t have access to data that would reveal how utilities are doing in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.” The tracker will monitor progress made by utility companies transitioning away from fossil fuels as part of the larger global effort to reduce carbon emissions to levels in line with those established by the Paris Agreement. Read the press release here.

Calling Steve Jobs: Why doesn’t this feel like innovation?
-Even Oprah Can’t Paper Over Apple’s Services Flaws as Big Event Highlights Some Half-Baked Ideas
-Apple’s Shift From Gadgets to Services Tests Investor Patience (Bloomberg)
-Apple Debuts Titanium Credit Card With Goldman, Mastercard (Bloomberg)
Watch the Apple keynote here and TicToc’s recap of winners and losers here.

Major U.S. Medical Groups Continuing Battle Against Sugary Drinks (The Week)
The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association released a list of policy recommendations to reduce the consumption of nefarious sugary beverages.

Avenatti 2020 No Longer: Trump Foe Michael Avenatti Arrested as U.S. Alleges Nike Extortion, Embezzlement (Bloomberg)
But…. He’s Back on Twitter, Denies Charges and Keeps After Nike (Bloomberg)

Book Boom: Michelle Obama’s Memoir Could Become the Most Successful Ever, Bertelsmann CEO Says After 10 Million Copies Sold (Bloomberg)

Best of late night.

“According to research, happiness in the United States is at its lowest point on record. ‘Really? I hadn’t noticed!’ said a wind-surfing Barack Obama.”
— Seth Meyers

“Spring break – the time of year when drunken and entitled American kids head to Cabo and Tijuana, and the Mexicans chant ‘build a wall!’”
— Bill Maher

And the best satire from The New Yorker’s Andy Borowitz:

Education Secretary Betsy Devos Suggests That Bribing Colleges Helps Students Learn Math (Borowitz Report)

Attorney General William Barr Reads ‘Moby-Dick,’ Finds No Evidence of Whales (Borowitz Report)

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