Tuesday, March 5

ByKevin Sheekey

Evidence Grows That Trump’s Trade Wars Are Hitting U.S. Economy (Bloomberg)
Some of the world’s leading trade economists found the initial cost of Trump’s duties to the U.S. economy was in the billions and being borne largely by American consumers, according to two papers published over the weekend.

Also in Trade Today:
-Trump’s Allies Push Him to Resist Declaring Victory on China Trade Deal That Doesn’t Do Much (Politico)
-U.S. Plans to End Key Trade Preferences for India and Turkey (Bloomberg)

Hot on the Bloomberg:
China Lowers Growth Target and Cuts Taxes as Economy Slows

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em: Republicans Who Couldn’t Beat Climate Debate Now Seek to Join It (Bloomberg)

Not an ‘Emergency’: White House Tries to Limit Republican Defections Ahead of Senate Vote to Nullify Emergency Declaration (Washington Post)

Countdown to Robert Mueller Report:
-Will the Mueller Report Stay Secret? U.S. v. Nixon Holds Clues
-Trump’s New Attorney General Won’t Recuse Himself in Mueller Probe (Bloomberg)
-Editorial: Let the American People See the Mueller Report (Bloomberg Opinion)

Emmanuel Macron’s EU Elections Kickoff: Dear Europe, Brexit is a Lesson for All of Us – It’s Time for Renewal (The Guardian – op-ed by Emmanuel Macron)
The French President launched his EU election campaign with an op-ed calling “for a European renaissance” published in 24 European languages in newspapers including Le Parisien and the Guardian.

All Fizzle and No Sizzle: Steve Bannon’s ‘Club’ to Support Right Wing Populist Groups Has Yet To Set the Continent Ablaze (Politico)

Travel Section: U.S. Airlines Are Making One Thing Cheaper: Tickets Bought with Miles (Bloomberg)

Best of late night.

On The Weather Channel naming the most recent U.S. weather system “Winter Storm Scott.”

“We’re sending warm wishes to those of you who are digging your way out of Winter Storm Scott. Why’d they name a storm ‘Scott’? I really don’t know. Probably someone at the Weather Channel forgot to get their nephew a birthday present.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

On President Trump and Kim Jong Un:

“They have a lot in common. They both inherited everything from their dads and both cut their own hair.”
-Jimmy Fallon

On reports that Americans are crossing into Mexico for cheaper medicine such as insulin:

“So that’s where we are as a country right now: Trump’s trying to build a wall to prevent outsiders from coming in, while Americans are forced to cross the border into Mexico just to get affordable medication. Hey, if Mexico won’t pay for the wall, maybe Pfizer will.”
–Seth Meyers

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