Tuesday, May 21

ByKevin Sheekey

Greetings from the Danske Bank Nordic Corporate Summit in Copenhagen.

It’s an impressive gathering with a keen interest in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). A shout-out to the Bloomberg LP sales team members here who are doing a terrific job in the region all year, and today they’re educating me on Danish culture. I’m still not totally sure what “hygge” means – but I think you would also invent a word that means cozy to make yourself feel better if your winter was as dark and long.

A highlight of a very brief visit was touring Copenhagen’s new waste-to-energy facility (the world’s most environmentally friendly) designed by famed Danish architect (and Mike Bloomberg friend) Bjarke Ingels.

Only the Danes would think to add a ski slope to the roof and make it open to the public. Remarkable people, remarkable place. (See photos of the tour here.)

There are signs that populism may be fading here. As Danes prepare for national elections on June 5, a poll published in the Borsen newspaper puts backing for the anti-immigration, euroskeptic Danish People’s Party at just 10.8%, compared with 21.1% in the 2015 election.

Danes are now more worried about the environment than they are about immigrants, according to a separate European Union survey. Immigration only ranks fourth.

Read more: Denmark’s Biggest Populist Party Takes a Beating in Latest Poll (Bloomberg)

Breaking Today: Theresa May Makes New Brexit Proposal – Parliament to Get Vote on Whether to Hold a Second Referendum (Bloomberg)

Hot on the Bloomberg Today:
China Warns About ‘Unwavering Resolve’ to Fight U.S. ‘Bullying’ (Bloomberg)

Huawei Update: U.S. Gives Temporary Reprieve for Some U.S. Suppliers and Customers of Huawei (Bloomberg)

The Power of Dialogue: Bloomberg’s Economic Forum Invited to Beijing (Financial Times)
Michael Bloomberg said he thought current trade tensions were “short-term stuff”. The 400 executives and officials from 60 countries due to attend November’s event were focused on longer-term trends, he said. “Political tensions would not deter businesses from needing to understand China and other rising economic powers from Africa to Latin America. There are forces bigger than government and that is the economy,” he added.

More coverage: Michael Bloomberg to Host Second Edition of New Economy Forum in Beijing in November (South China Morning Post) Read the official announcement here.

Washington Today:
-Trump Subpoena Defiance Pushes Democrats on Impeachment Decision (Bloomberg)
-Judge Rules Against Trump in Fight Over President’s Financial Records (Washington Post)

The European Right Takes a Hit: How Austria’s Video Scandal May Topple EU’s Youngest Leader (Bloomberg)
Fallout from the lurid video showing Austria’s vice-chancellor promising state contracts for cash to a woman claiming relation to a Russian oligarch continues to spread. Now, the metastasizing scandal risks dragging down the 32-year-old Chancellor Sebastian Kurz himself as Austria’s jilted opposition may marshal a no-confidence vote.

Recession Watch: Institutional Investors Think They’re Ready for the Next Downturn (Institutional Investor)

Beyond Coal: Two Coal Plants Closing a Decade Early in the U.S. Midwest (Bloomberg)
The shift comes as Xcel moves to cut carbon-emissions 80% by 2030 and 100% by 2050. In December, the company became the first big U.S. utility to commit to eliminating all its carbon emissions, mainly by using renewable energy.

Today in AI: Inside Facebook’s Robotics Lab, Where AI and Machines ‘Friend’ One Another (Wired)

The Power of Art.

Temple of Time Turns Darkness into Light for Parkland Community (South Florida Sun-Sentinel)
The temple, always meant to serve as a temporary place of mourning, was built to help heal a wounded community still tormented by the tragedy that unfolded at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High on Valentine’s Day 2018.

An intricate work of art standing 35 feet high, the temple opened on Feb. 14, exactly one year after 17 people were killed and another 17 injured in the massacre at the Parkland school. On Sunday, the temple was lit with torches by 17 people chosen to honor the 17 who were lost.

Over the past three months, the temple has drawn thousands of visitors who came to reflect and remember. Linda Grigg, a retired music teacher said: “The temple is magnificent, a very powerful tribute. The ultimate in creativity and heart.”

Click here for a video about how the Temple was built, and click here to watch speeches by Coral Springs Mayor Scott J. Brook, Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky and Temple of Time Artist David Best prior to the burning.

And if you watch nothing else today, watch this moving video of the ceremony on Sunday.

The project was supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies.

Best of late night.

On the ‘Game of Thrones’ series finale that aired on HBO on Sunday:

“No spoilers, but it had everything: heartbreak, betrayal, desolation — and that’s just how fans feel about the writers.”
— Stephen Colbert

On reports of therapists offering services to disappointed ‘Game of Thrones’ fans who don’t want the series to end:

“People, if you need therapy because a TV show ended, your life is too good, O.K.? I’m going to tell you straight — you don’t need a therapist, you need some credit card debt and an S.T.D., O.K.? Take your mind right off that series finale.”
— Trevor Noah

“So if you’re traumatized that the dragon lady story did not end the way you had hoped, trained professionals are standing by to slap you across the face and tell you to grow the hell up.”
— Stephen Colbert

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