Tuesday, September 24

ByKevin Sheekey

Brexit Update: Boris Johnson Vows to Deliver Brexit After Historic Court Defeat (Bloomberg)

Today’s Supreme Court ruling blows a hole in Boris Johnson’s political authority and calls into question his ability to remain in office as the Queen’s principal adviser.

Johnson will fly home early from New York after holding a crisis call with his cabinet ministers on Tuesday. Parliament will reconvene on Wednesday and the coming days could hold even more shocks.

No Precedent: What Will Parliament Do Now? (The Spectator)

Trailblazer: Ruling Delivered by 74-Year-Old Supreme Court Judge Lady Hale Who Is Known for Smashing Barriers (New York Times)

No New Coal Plants After 2020.

Bloomberg Philanthropies Accelerates Global Coal Program to Move the World Toward a Coal-Free Future (Bloomberg Philanthropies)

On Monday, Michael Bloomberg announced his support for U.N. Secretary General António Guterres’ initiative to stop the development of new coal-fired power plants after 2020.

“Ending coal use would be an enormous step forward in the fight against climate change and a huge victory for public health,” said Michael Bloomberg.

“We’re making progress – including in the U.S., where our foundation and the Sierra Club have teamed up to close more than half of all coal plants, and in Europe, where we’ve helped close some of the continent’s most polluting coal plants and encouraged more countries to commit to phasing out coal completely,” Bloomberg said.

Read Mike’s remarks he made Monday at the UN here.

Bloomberg Thanks Trump For Attending Climate Action Summit, After Trump Leaves After Only 10 Minutes (The Week)

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg thanked Trump for stopping by, and made what could be considered a veiled challenge to the commander-in-chief. “Hopefully our conversations here today will be helpful to you as you make climate policy,” Bloomberg said, drawing a round of applause.

Trump at the UN.

Today in Washington.

Impeachment Push Builds as Democrats Blast Trump Over Ukraine (Bloomberg)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi convenes with House Democrats today on next steps.

Today in Financial News.

Today in Climate News.

How to Finance The Green Transition (Project Syndicate)

Fortunately, there is already a growing private-sector coalition dedicated to combating climate change, through the work of the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI).

Led by Michael Bloomberg, the UN’s Special Envoy for Climate Action, the CFLI was created to mobilize private capital at the global level in response to this critical issue.

This month, the CFLI released a new report, Financing the Low Carbon Future, which outlines ways green finance can be scaled up to support an orderly transition to a low-carbon economy, and identifies opportunities for public-private partnerships to meet the objectives of the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

How Climate Change Is Scaring Central Banks (Bloomberg)

For Our Future, the Oil and Gas Industry Must Go Green (New York Times oped by Christiana Figueres)

Figueres points out that even though oil and gas companies plan to spend $50 billion to extract new reserves of fossil fuels, this expenditure ignores the inevitable reality of the carbon-constrained future already underway. She was the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Teen Girls are Leading Climate Strikes and Helping Change the Face of Environmentalism (Washington Post)

Watch: Greta Thunberg Stares Down Trump As He Arrives for The UN Climate Summit (The Guardian)

In Case You Missed It.

In Photos: Climate Activism Lights Up the UN (The Guardian – U.K.)

The United Nations building in New York City was illuminated Friday by an immersive art installation by artist Joseph Michael that featuring images of an iceberg and six young advocates, including Greta Thunberg, addressing the urgent actions that must be taken on the climate crisis.

Best of late night.

“Today was the first day of fall. This morning, I put on my favorite flannel shirt and scarf, made some hot chocolate, and then realized it was 90 degrees.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“It was 90 degrees in New York today. It was so hot, Trump asked the President of Ukraine for some dirt on the sun.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he was dropping out of the race. He’ll eventually support another Democrat. When they heard that, all the other Democrats were like: please not me, please not me.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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