Tuesday, September 25

ByKevin Sheekey

Mike Bloomberg to Put Record Amount of Money into Supporting Women Candidates this Election Cycle – More than Any Individual Ever Has Before

Mike Bloomberg delivered remarks at the Emily’s List “Ignite Change New York” Luncheon in New York City on Monday, where he said: “I will be putting more money into supporting women candidates this cycle than any individual ever has before because if we’re going to win, it’s going to be women that get us there. And I want to do my part.”

Mike addressed the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court, saying: “I believe that Dr. Blasey Ford and Anita Hill are absolutely right when they say: Before the Senate holds a vote, time should be taken to conduct a nonpartisan and professional investigation into the allegations. That is all the more true as additional accusations and questions are raised. But until a thorough investigation occurs, the only Senate vote that would respect women and the rule of law is: No.”

Read the full remarks here.

The Hill: Bloomberg Will Donate More than Anybody Has Before to Female Candidates

Trade Today: U.S.-China Trade War Draws Rebuke From World Leaders at UN Event (Bloomberg)

Trade Tomorrow: The Bloomberg Global Business Forum on Wednesday in New York will convene more than 70 heads of state and more than 200 CEOs to discuss strengthening economic prosperity and collaboration on trade issues, globalization, innovation, and competition. It will be the largest gathering of heads of state outside a formal government summit in 2018. It will be followed by the One Planet Summit that will gather public and private sector leaders to discuss accelerating the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement in the race against climate change.

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Best of late night.

“Donald Trump is here in New York City because tomorrow he’s going to address the U.N. General Assembly. His speech is going to be translated into six languages, including English.”
— Stephen Colbert

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh plans to provide his personal calendar from 1982, which reportedly does not mention a party like the one at which Christine Blasey Ford says he assaulted her. Colbert wondered why Kavanaugh still has the calendar at all.

“Who hangs onto their high school calendars? Have you kept your stuff from high school? The only things I have left over from high school are deep emotional scars.”
— Stephen Colbert

“Weight Watchers is shortening its name to WW. Did you hear that? Which means that in the next Weight Watchers commercial, you’re going to see the name bragging about how it dropped 12 letters.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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