Tuesday, September 3

ByKevin Sheekey

Breaking: Boris Johnson Loses Majority Ahead of Showdown (Bloomberg)

U.K. Election Looms as Johnson Raises Stakes of Brexit Fight (Bloomberg)
In a dramatic ultimatum, Johnson will try to trigger a snap vote on Oct. 14 if he loses a crunch vote in Parliament on Tuesday evening.

More than three years after the referendum, Britain is still tearing itself apart over Brexit, an all-consuming quest that has poisoned the political climate, confused and alienated voters, and tested relations with once-close European allies.

Consequences: Great Brexit Insurance Migration Shifts $75 Billion From London (Bloomberg)

Dorian Update: U.S. East Coast Braces for Dorian Chaos as Bahamas Are Battered (Bloomberg)
The Category 3 storm came to a standstill as it pummeled the Bahamas. It is expected to move “dangerously close” to the Florida coast Tuesday night. Click here for live updates.

North Korea Missile Watch: North Korea Missile Tests, ‘Very Standard’ to Trump, Show Signs of Advancing Arsenal (New York Times)
As North Korea fired off a series of missiles in recent months — at least 18 since May — President Trump has repeatedly dismissed their importance as short-range and “very standard” tests.

American intelligence officials and outside experts have come to a far different conclusion: that the launchings downplayed by Mr. Trump, including two late last month, have allowed Mr. Kim to test missiles with greater range and maneuverability that could overwhelm American defenses in the region.

U.S. Reaches Deal in Afghanistan (for now): To Start Afghan Withdrawal, U.S. Would Pull 5,400 Troops in 135 Days (New York Times)
The American envoy told an Afghan news channel in Kabul that the United States had reached an agreement “in principle” with the Afghan insurgents, but cautioned that final approval rested with President Trump.

Meanwhile: Taliban Attack Kabul as US Envoy Says Deal Almost Final (Associated Press)

Hong Kong Latest.

Hong Kong Students Begin School Year With Gas Masks, Class Boycotts and Protests (New York Times)
High school students in Hong Kong starting the new school year on Monday arrived to class wearing gas masks and joined hands to form human chains.

After a summer of demonstrating in the streets, outside municipal offices and in the airport, students refuted the government’s wishful assertion that once they returned to school the months of pro-democracy protests that have roiled the city would come to an end.

Trade News.

Despite Promises, Trump’s Trade Deficits Are Only Growing (Axios)
President Trump’s trade war has led to even bigger trade deficits with China, even though it was intended to improve the trade balance. But it’s not just China — the deficit has increased with most of our other major trade partners, too.

Don’t Forget: Trump Heaps More Tariffs on China, Still No Deal in Sight (Bloomberg)

Bulletin: U.S. Manufacturing Contracts for First Time in Three Years (Bloomberg)

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Best of late night.

On Trump wanting to buy Greenland:

“A lot of people made fun of the idea, ‘why would we buy Greenland, that seems crazy’. But I took a different stance: I thought Trump might be onto something, because the law of averages say he has to have a good idea eventually.”
— Conan O’Brien

“According to Politico, President Trump reads at least 4 newspapers a day. Though I think that number will go down once he realizes you can open them.”
— Seth Meyers

“Thanks to our trade war with China, stocks have been up and down. I saw that Apple lost almost 50 million dollars. Then every customer with a missing airpod was like ‘sucks losing something doesn’t it?’”
— Jimmy Fallon

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