Wednesday, August 15

ByKevin Sheekey

Why Symphony chat service has not turned into a “Bloomberg killer” (Talking Biz News)
Touted as a big Bloomberg competitor in the press when it launched, Symphony is looking to other markets to support its reported $1 billion valuation, according to a report this week by Business Insider.

Analysts and traders say that traders are reluctant to give up their Bloomberg terminals and Symphony users say not enough buy-side clients are on the platform to create a so-called “network effect.” Simply put, the salespeople are there but the customers aren’t. Multiple sources across the industry said Symphony was being used as a kind of modern intranet, posting company newsletters or even lunch menus.

U.S. Election Update: Groundbreaking Night for Women and Diversity, While a Trump Critic Falls (New York Times)

Mayor from the UK: Whatever Brexit Brings, Mayors Still Have to Deliver (London Evening Standard – West Midlands Mayor)
Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, is an example of someone who made a successful transition (from business into politics): he brought the vision, rigour and pragmatism of his business career to city hall.

Saudi Vision: How Saudi’s Stake in Tesla Could Help Musk Go Private (Bloomberg QuickTake)

Trump and Omarosa Have Always Been Kindred Spirits: My Conversations With Him About Her Star Power (Bloomberg Opinion – Tim O’Brien)

From Bloomberg San Francisco Players Technology Summit: Amazon, Twitter Say Global Reach Will Help Lure More Sports (Bloomberg)
Watch Golden State Warrriors’ Kevin Durant talk technology and Andre Iguodala talk investment strategies with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang.

Hot Summer: Heatwave Reveals Lost UK Archaeological Sites, Including Ancient Farms and Burial Mounds (The Guardian) Check out the aerial photos here.

Headlines from around the world.

Best of late night.

On the release of Omarosa Manigault Newman’s new book about her work for the Trump campaign and administration:

“Omarosa’s new book is out today, you can find it in most bookstores, in the section called “I can’t believe this is US History”.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Omarosa’s book has been criticized everywhere, people are saying it’s petty, full of out-right fabrications. So, if you love reading Trump’s tweets, you’re going to love reading this book!”
— James Corden

On President Trump tweeting that Omarosa was “a dog”:

“Everyone in the White House feels like a dog, because one year with Trump feels like seven.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Meanwhile, in other news: NASA has launched it’s first ever mission to study the sun up close. Over the course of the next seven years a probe will orbit the sun to study it’s outer atmosphere. That’s how bad things are on Earth right now. NASA’s like “hey what’s the sun up to?””
— James Corden

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