Wednesday, December 5

ByKevin Sheekey

U.S. National Day of Mourning: Ceremonies for George H.W. Bush Draw Together Presidents, World Envoys (Associated Press)

CNN: Mike Bloomberg lauds George H.W. Bush on “his honesty, his morals, his elegance” in an interview in Iowa yesterday. Watch the interview here.

Climate of Hope: Mike Bloomberg Brings Climate Change Documentary to Iowa (NBC News)

In Cedar Rapids Visit, Michael Bloomberg Talks Climate Action (The Gazette – Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
Whether or not he runs for president in 2020, Mike Bloomberg plans to do everything possible to make climate change the issue of the race. “It’s already having an enormous impact on all parts of the world. It’s already having a big impact in Iowa,” the former New York mayor said during a stop Tuesday in Cedar Rapids, where he met with Democratic elected officials and activists to discuss climate change, clean energy and his future. “Every place I have gone, people always want to talk about the climate,” Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg, 76, started his Cedar Rapids visit looking at snow-covered solar panels on the roof of Paulson Electric and SiteGen Solar in southwest Cedar Rapids. Later, he headed to Des Moines for a screening of “Paris to Pittsburgh,” a documentary co-produced by Bloomberg Philanthropies and RadicalMedia about the efforts of individuals raising awareness of the threats of climate change. The film includes interviews with Iowans who have experienced flooding or who are involved in clean energy production.

He also met with the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, where he thanked the group of activists for their work and urged them to continue lobbying their elected officials. “They care about whether or not they get re-elected,” Bloomberg said. “And you’ve got to convince them that if they don’t vote to stop this craziness with guns, that you’re not going to have them around — you’re going to fire them.”

Sneak Peek from ‘Pittsburgh to Paris’: Watch this father and son duo studying for jobs in wind power in Iowa.

Eugene Robinson: The World is Moving Forward on Climate — With or Without Trump (Washington Post)

Market Update:
-It’s the Worst Time to Make Money in Markets Since 1972; Not This Bad Since Nixon Presidency (Bloomberg)
-Stock Market Misery Runs Deeper Than Trump and the Fed after Major Averages Fall More than 3% (Bloomberg)
-‘Chaos Breeds Chaos’: Trump’s Erratic and False Claims Roil the Globe. Again. (Washington Post)

Russia Investigation: Robert Mueller Recommends No Jail for Michael Flynn, Citing His Cooperation (Bloomberg)

Editorial: Bloomberg Has Good Plan to Help Pennsylvania Fight Opioid Scourge (Times Leader – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)

Climate Trend: Many Couples say ‘I do’ to Zero-Waste Weddings (Associated Press)

Best of late night.

“According to a recent study, the average cellphone is nearly seven times dirtier than — brace yourselves — a toilet. Yeah, it’s true. Although there’s an easy solution: Just rinse off your phone in the toilet.”
— James Corden

“What exactly am I supposed to do with this information? What do you want me to do — stop using my phone or stop cleaning my toilet?”
— James Corden

“Amtrak is looking for people to ride their trains and post about it on social media with the hashtag #takemethere. It’s better than Greyhound’s hashtag, #astrangerissleepingonmeandthedriverisgone.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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