Wednesday, January 16

ByKevin Sheekey

Brexit Vote: So Bad It’s Good: Markets See Silver Lining in Brexit Rejection (Bloomberg)
The deadlock in Parliament is clearer than ever, and a belief is growing among many financial professionals that there’s an increasing chance of a so-called soft-Brexit or even no Brexit at all. Those are outcomes many investors would cheer.

Editorial: Crushing Loss Is Proof Brexit Has Failed; Two Options Remain – Leave with No Deal, or No Brexit At All (Bloomberg Opinion)

Down But Not Out: Theresa May Facing Another Big Vote Today (Bloomberg)
Programming note: Parliament’s confidence vote in May’s government is at 7pm London time.

Not Welcome: Nancy Pelosi Suggests President Trump Delay State of the Union Over Shutdown (Bloomberg)

2020 Read of the Day: President or Private Citizen? Bloomberg Mulls Over Where He’d Have Biggest Impact on Climate and Gun Control (Yahoo News)

News from the U.S. Senate:
-Eleven Republican Senators Broke Ranks Over Move to Lift Sanctions on Russian Oligarch’s Firms
(New York Times)
-William Barr Draws a Line: He, Not Mueller, May Write the Public Report (Bloomberg)

News from the House:
-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Poised to Join House Panel Overseeing Wall Street (Bloomberg)

U.S. Government Shutdown Latest:
-Nearly 50,000 Government Employees Called Back To Work, Unpaid
(Washington Post)
-Shutdown Stresses Air Safety System (Washington Post)

Housing Market:
-London, NYC, Hong Kong Are No Longer Immune to the Housing Slump – Housing Flu Spreads to Big Cities Once Seen as Safe Havens
-U.S. Home Sales Plunged in December, Price Growth at 6-Year Low (Bloomberg)

News: Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index Doubles in Size, Recognizing 230 Companies Committed to Advancing Women in the Workplace (Bloomberg press announcement)
The index more than doubled in size from 2018 and includes firms from 10 sectors headquartered across 36 countries and regions. Watch this video, introduced by Mike Bloomberg and including interviews with Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, American Water President & CEO Susan Story, Anheuser-Busch InBev CEO Carlos Brito and more, here. Read the press release here.

Arts Section: Mike Bloomberg Announces $1 Million Gift to The Greenwood Art Project in Tulsa (Tulsa World)
“Nearly 100 years after violence rocked Black Wall Street, and 50 years after a highway cut the neighborhood in half, the Greenwood Art Project responds with a message of unity and hope,” Bloomberg said. “The project will commemorate a community that once existed — and inspire people to envision a better, fairer future.”

Best of late night.

On Theresa May losing the vote on her Brexit plan:
“With this vote, Theresa May has become one of the UK’s least popular people. Which is impressive in a country that also has Piers Morgan.”
— Trevor Noah

On Netflix increasing it’s subscription fees by $1-2 per month:
“I do get why Netflix is doing this. Netflix just spent $100 million to buy ‘Friends’. Yeah, that’s a lot of money. That’s almost as much as Don Jr paid to buy his friends.”
— Trevor Noah

“According to a new report, the average American spends thousands of dollars a year on non-essential items, like soda, or a wall.”
— Seth Meyers

“I heard that the Academy Awards are planning to move forward without a host. Sounds crazy until you remember that America has been moving forward without a government.”
— Jimmy Fallon

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