Wednesday, January 30

ByKevin Sheekey

Climate Today: U.S. Midwest Freezes, Australia Burns: This Is the Age of Weather Extremes (New York Times)

In New Hampshire, Mike Bloomberg Battles Climate Change (Nashua Telegraph)
Mike Bloomberg stuck to what’s at the top of his agenda Tuesday morning in a speech at Saint Anselm College: climate change. Before a packed audience at the college’s New Hampshire Institute for Politics, Bloomberg discussed his ongoing efforts to close coal-fired power plants in the battle against climate change.

Fighting climate change he called “one of the best ways to save lives, cut pollution and grow the economy.” “In New York, we cut our carbon footprint, increased life expectancy by three years and added thousands of new jobs,” he said. Bloomberg said this shows the nation does not have to choose between a vibrant economy and a healthy environment. See photos from Mike’s visit to New Hampshire here.

Analysis of the Day: Boston Globe political reporter James Pindell, who was in New Hampshire yesterday covering Mike Bloomberg’s visit, said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that “the front-runner is Mike Bloomberg, structurally” and “he’s probably actually the most interesting person in this race right now. He had a very good trip to New Hampshire and to Iowa a couple weeks ago. He’s far from the nominee, for many reasons, but right now, I think he’s the most, structurally speaking, interesting person in this race.” He said, “Electability, beating Donald Trump is, I think, the defining issue when we get to the fall and New Hampshire primary.” (Hat tip: D. Chalian)

1 Big Thing: 2020 Democrats Show More Climate Cards (Axios – Generate)
The last day or so has brought more hints of what the crowded field thinks about the topic and the policy response.

Potential candidate Michael Bloomberg said in New Hampshire yesterday that regardless of whether he runs, “I’ve already begun working on putting together the details of what I believe is a Green New Deal.” NBC News reports that Bloomberg, who has long been active on climate and funded the Sierra Club’s anti-coal work, laid out some basic principles in his speech: “Comprehensive investment to create jobs and increase economic growth in coal regions and other areas,” Moving away from fossil fuels “as quickly as possible,” and helping state and local governments do more.

Opinion: Why Democrats Could use Michael Bloomberg About Now (Washington Post – Jennifer Rubin)
Unlike Trump, Bloomberg isn’t a know-nothing, has actually run something well, has popular positions on climate change and on guns and doesn’t have a slew of obvious, serious personality flaws.

The Brexit Bill: Here’s the Damage So Far (Bloomberg)
The divorce from the EU might be delayed, softened or even abandoned, but the cost of separation is already apparent.

New Revelation: Trump Sat Down with Putin at G20 in Buenos Aires without U.S. Note-Taker (Financial Times – Subscription)

Checks and Balance: Democrats Pressure Mnuchin on Sanctions Relief for Putin Ally (Bloomberg)

What Caravan? Testimony by Intelligence Chiefs on Global Threats Highlights Differences with President (Washington Post)

Today in Global ‘Waming’: It’s So Hot in Australia that Snakes are Seeking Refuge in People’s Toilets (Washington Post)

Apple Today:
-Apple Knew of FaceTime Issue For Over a Week Before It Acted
(New York Times)
-Apple Shares Climb as Company Outlines Life Beyond the iPhone (Bloomberg)

Bloomberg Insider: Journalism has a Gender Representation Problem. Bloomberg is Looking for a Solution (Poynter)

Best of late night.

On Starbucks’ Howard Schultz possible run for President:

“Some Democrats are threatening to boycott Starbucks. Yeah, then Starbucks said, ‘Don’t worry, the food in the display case will still be here when you get back.’”
— Jimmy Fallon

On the Polar Vortex plunging much of the U.S. midwest into record cold temperatures:

“I heard experts say that during a polar vortex, you shouldn’t leave items like beer, eggs and medicine in your car. Though if that’s what you’re keeping in your car, the polar vortex is the least of your problems.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“Wisconsinites have sought shelter under a thick layer of melted cheddar!”
— Stephen Colbert

“The viral marketing for ‘Game of Thrones’ has gone too far. We get it! Winter is coming.”
— Stephen Colbert

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