Wednesday, July 10

ByKevin Sheekey

Fighting the US Opioid Crisis: Bloomberg Philanthropies Names First Pennsylvania Projects in $10 Million Response to Overdose Epidemic (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

As part of the announcement, Mike Bloomberg tweeted: “The opioid epidemic is continuing to impact individuals, families, and communities across the country. I am teaming up with Pennsylvania leaders to address this crisis — because Washington has been slow to act.”

Get Smart: How the US Opioid Crisis Began (Bloomberg QuickTake)

Banking Today:
-Deutsche Bank Tells Fixed Income Traders They’ll Keep Jobs
-Deutsche Bank Credit Analysts Tell Clients: ‘We’re Still Here’ (Bloomberg)
-At a Grim Moment for Banking Jobs, Citigroup Says It’s Hiring (Bloomberg)

Today in Economic News:
-Fed Chair Signals Open to Rate Cut as Trade and Inflation Uncertainty Dims Outlook
-S&P 500 Tops 3,000 For First Time on Rate Cut Bets (Bloomberg)
-EU Cuts Growth and Inflation Forecasts for Next Year (Bloomberg)

Donald Debt: US Budget Deficit 33 Percent Higher Since 2016 Election (The Hill)
The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reports that over Trump’s first two years as president, his policies increased the budget deficit by 33.3 percent.

Trump and Twitter Together Forever: US Federal Court Rules Trump Can’t Block Critics from Twitter (New York Times)

Fallout: UK Ambassador Kim Darroch Quits In Wake of Leaked Comments Calling Trump Administration ‘Inept’ (Bloomberg)

India’s Water Crisis: India’s Worsening Drought Is Forcing Doctors to Buy Water for Surgery (Bloomberg)
Hospitals in India’s third-largest city are now almost completely dependent on a fleet of privately-owned tankers.

Climate Read of the Day: How Eminent Domain is Holding Back Wind Power in the U.S. (Bloomberg Opinion – Peter Orszag)
One company’s failed attempt to build a transmission line from the Oklahoma panhandle to Tennessee illustrates a unique American obstacle to clean energy.

Oped of the Day: Virginia Republican Lawmakers Chose the NRA Over Public Safety. In November, the Choice Will Lie with Voters (Washington Post)
John Feinblatt, president of the Mike Bloomberg founded and funded Everytown for Gun Safety, writes: “It’s now clear the NRA isn’t an advocacy organization — it’s a business run amok. Even as the NRA is growing weaker, the gun-safety movement is growing stronger — especially in Virginia. In the 2018 midterm elections, commonwealth voters helped send a gun-sense majority to the House of Representatives.

Good News Rules: Woman Takes Three Year Road Trip Documenting Acts of Kindness (Washington Post)

Best of late night.

More on the U.S. women’s team winning the World Cup:

“This is the second time in a row the women’s team has won the World Cup. Yeah, the women’s team has done so well, the U.S is thinking of getting a men’s team.”
— Conan O’Brien

“Despite losing to the U.S., the Netherlands team still celebrated, because they have health care.”
— Conan O’Brien

On U.S. Attorney General William Barr accusing Democrats of creating a public spectacle with the Robert Mueller hearing on July 17:

“To me, a public spectacle is a President ordering tanks to be a part of his ‘Hooray for Me’ 4th of July rally.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

On the U.S. federal court ruling that said President Trump cannot block critics on Twitter:

“It’s historic, because this is the first time a federal court has ever ruled that a president’s skin is legally too thin.”
— Jimmy Kimmel

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