Wednesday, July 17

ByKevin Sheekey

History Made in the EU: First Woman Wins EU’s Top Job as Ursula von der Leyen Confirmed as European Commission President (Bloomberg)
The verdict means a job held for the past 15 years by the continent’s Christian Democratic party, a traditional backer of open markets, will stay in its hands for the next five. She also pledged to turn parts of the European Investment Bank, the EU’s lending arm, into a “climate bank” in a bid to unlock 1 trillion euros of investment ($1.12 trillion) over the coming decade.

Brexit Latest: Pound Faces Historic Lows: Could Plunge to Parity Against Dollar on a No-Deal Brexit (Bloomberg)

Bank Earnings Today: Bank of America’s Consumer Business Drives Record Second-Quarter Profit (Bloomberg)

Financial News:
Deutsche Bank Cutting Tech Spending as Digital Revolution Rages (Bloomberg)
Analysis: Will Slowing Growth in China Derail Foreign Financial Firms Expansion Plans? (Curatia)

Politics Today: U.S. House Rebuke of Trump for Racism Unites Democrats, Energizes GOP (Bloomberg)

Trump’s Premeditated Racism is Central to 2020 Strategy (Axios)

2020 Primary Poll Watch: CNN/UNH – New Hampshire Poll – Biden 24, Warren 19, Sanders 19. From the new Hindsight 2020 newsletter – Sign up here.

Health Technology Today: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Ready for Brain Surgery (Bloomberg)
The startup wants to drill holes in paralyzed patients’ skulls in order to insert brain implants that will allow them to control computers and smartphones using their thoughts. The company plans to seek FDA approval to start clinical trials on humans as early as next year. “Ultimately, we will achieve symbiosis with artificial intelligence,” Musk said.

Entertainment Today: Emmy Nominations 2019: ‘Game of Thrones’ Breaks Record with 32 Nods, Followed by ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ and ‘Chernobyl’ (Washington Post)

Best of late night.

On Amazon Prime Day, the company’s annual sales event that began on Monday:

“I saw that Best Buy is also holding a big sale. You all know Best Buy: It’s where you test out electronics before going home and ordering them off Amazon.”
— Jimmy Fallon

The comedians had more to say on the blackout that hit the west side of Manhattan on Saturday night:

“For hours, New Yorkers were trapped on subways. Traffic was at a standstill. And there was no air conditioning at the Port Authority. Then, the blackout hit!”
— Jimmy Fallon

“New York City suffered a major blackout on Saturday that left over 70,000 people in Manhattan without power. Of course, in Manhattan, 70,000 people is two Starbucks and a Jamba Juice.”
— Seth Meyers

“In restaurants and bars people drank by the glow of their smartphones … Just like the settlers of old, who wrote letters to their loved ones by the faint glow of Tinder.”
–Stephen Colbert

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