Wednesday, June 20

ByKevin Sheekey

One of the early voices on the issue of family separation on the U.S. border was Mike Bloomberg. In March 2017, reports first emerged that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, under then Secretary and current White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, was considering separating mothers and children who cross the border illegally.

Mike published this oped on the issue on March 8, 2017:
Fix Immigration Without Sacrificing Innocent Children: Splitting Up Families Runs Counter to Everything the U.S. Stands For as a Nation (Bloomberg View)

Public outrage about family separation for asylum-seekers and other migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border rightly continues to grow. And immigration remains a hot political issue across Europe and elsewhere.

At the same time, the UN is marking World Refugee Day today. There are nearly 69 million people globally who are displaced, a record for the fifth straight year, according to UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency. Millions have had to flee war, violence and persecution or have been forcibly dislocated from their homes.

Let’s get to today’s other news:

Most Read on the Bloomberg Terminal (Last 24 Hours):
U.S. Quits UN Human Rights Council, Saying It’s Anti-Israel

Lloyd Blankfein Sees U.S. Avoiding Devastating Trade War with China (Bloomberg)
In an interview Tuesday at the Economic Club of New York with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait, the Goldman Sachs CEO said he saw escalating trade threats as a negotiating position by President Trump.

New Report: Coal Is Being Squeezed Out of Power Industry by Cheap Renewables (Bloomberg)
Coal will be increasingly squeezed out of the power generation market over the next three decades as the cost of renewables plunges and technology improves the flexibility of grids globally.
A new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance estimates some $11.5 trillion of investment will go into electricity generation between now and 2050, with 85 percent going into wind, solar and other zero-emissions technologies such as hydro and nuclear.

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Bond Traders Get Ready for Yield-Curve Inversion as Soon as Next Week

Breaking from RICH <GO> on the Bloomberg Terminal: Oprah Winfrey Now One of World’s 500 Richest People (Bloomberg)

Headlines from around the world.

Bloomberg: Theresa May Refuses to Back Down to Rebels Before Crunch Brexit Vote

The Telegraph: Pound stuck at seven-month low ahead of crunch Brexit vote

Japan Times: Japan looks to convene summit on North Korea denuclearization in September on sidelines of UN gathering

New York Times: General Electric Dropped From Dow After More Than a Century

Bloomberg: Australians Trust Xi Jinping More Than They Trust Trump

CBS News: World Refugee Day Marked as Almost 69 Million Displaced; A Record for Fifth Straight Year

Best of late night.

“We’re in the middle of a giant heat wave here in New York City. Today on the sidewalk people were like ‘I really hope that drip was from an air conditioner… you just never know’.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“After 27 years, the Jerry Springer show has stopped taping new episodes. Producers made the decision after realizing they’ve just been airing the same episode for the last 27 years.”
— Jimmy Fallon

“When it comes to the news, let’s face it.. we don’t want to face it.”
— Stephen Colbert

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