Wednesday, June 6

ByKevin Sheekey

We depart Ireland today after experiencing widespread optimism and sunny weather. The economy, arts, higher education, tech, and Bloomberg LP are all flourishing here. A shout out to Warren Buckley and our colleagues at PolarLake which Mike visited for the first time. And a warm thank you to the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Finance Minister for hosting a lively dinner last night.

The only cloud on the horizon here appears to be Brexit, as it is for much of the EU. The UK is Ireland’s largest trading partner with almost 40 percent of total exports by value. That relationship is so entwined, a hard border may be the least of the many headaches going forward. My old boss Pat Moynihan was famously quoted “To be Irish is to know that in the end the world will break your heart.” Let’s hope he got this one wrong.

Mike Bloomberg: Google Walks Away from America’s Security (Bloomberg Opinion)
Google’s decision not to renew a contract to develop artificial intelligence for the Defense Department was a victory for the employees who had protested it. It was also a defeat for U.S. national security, patriotism, and the cause of limiting civilian casualties in war, Mike Bloomberg writes today in a column for Bloomberg Opinion.

Meet the Next Generation of Private Equity: Carlyle Group’s Co-CEOs sit for their first major joint interviews with Bloomberg Markets magazine and the Bloomberg Invest New York conference where they warned of the risk of underinvestment.

Most Shared on the Bloomberg Terminal (Last 24 Hours):
A Hangover Drink Made a Tesla Staffer an Internet Millionaire

Humor today.

The Onion: Bewildered White House Press Corps Watches Dueling Sarah Huckabee Sanderses Each Claim She’s The Only One Telling the Truth

The New Yorker’s Borowitz Report: Philadelphia Eagles Accept Robert Mueller’s Offer to Celebrate With Him
And Trevor Noah weighed in on the confusion he expects from his mom using Apple’s new FaceTime feature allowing 32 video call participants in a single call:

“A whole 32 people on FaceTime? What is that? I feel like somehow that’s going to turn into 31 screens of my mom. My mom will be like “I don’t understand!” and I’ll be like “Stop calling me on every line!”
— Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

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